Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stir-fry Sweet Potato Vermicelli wt Shrimp and Pork

Sweet Potato Vermicelli or also know as dang myun in Korean. This noodles looks translucent or cellophane noodles are typically made with sweet potato. They're similar to Chinese bean threads. I bought a pack of sweet potato vermicelli when I shop at Chinatown and would love to try it out. I'm debating what to do with it,making soup or stir-fry? At last I choose to stir-fry and it's turn out fantastic !!


1/2 pack or 2 bundles of sweet potato vermicelli
4 cloves garlic( peel and chopped)
3 eggs
10 shrimp (clean and deviened)
250 gm tenderloin pork(sliced)
5-6 leaves chinese cabbages ( wash and cut 1 inch)
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp chicken boullion powder 1 tbsp sesame oil
100 ml water
3 tbsp cooking oil
For Garnishing:
2 red long pepper( sliced)
1 stalk cilantro(wash and cut)
1 stalk scallion (wash and cut 2 inch lenght


1:Cook Sweet Potato Vermicelli in a large pan of rapidly boiling water for 1 minutes .Don't overcooked the vermicelli .Drain well, set aside.

2: Prepare wok at high heat,add 1 tbsp oil and fry eggs until become scramble egg,dish out,set aside. Then add in the remaining oil with chopped garlic,add in tenderloin pork and shrimp,fry for 1-2 minutes.

3:Combine water,chicken bouillon powder,soy sauce,oyster sauce,thick soy sauce and sweet potato vermicelli . Stir-fry all the ingredients for another 5 minutes or until the sauce absorb into the vermicelli and almost dry.Then add in Chinese cabbages and scrambles eggs.Mix well.

4:Check the seasoning,drizzling sesame oil and dish out.Sprinkle some garnish and serve hot or warm immediately.

This is how it's look before cooked.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kumquat 金橘 Chiffon Cake

Kumquat fruit is generally in season from late autumn to mid-winter, and can be found in most food markets with other produce. It's taste is very sour, like a very acid orange.Kumquats are eaten raw most of the time. As the rind is sweet and the juicy centre is sour and salty, the raw fruit is usually consumed either whole, to savour the contrast, or only the rind is eaten.Last week I bought a box of kumquat from our local market. I have no idea what should I do with it. In conjunction of Chinese New Year gathering with friends,I decided to bake a Kumquat Chiffon Cake to bring to this party. It's a great idea to use Kumquat as a citrus flavor in chiffon cake.

Ingredients :

1 3/4 cup all purpose flour
2 drop orange food coloring*optional*
1 tsp of baking powder
1/8 tsp of salt
3-4 pc kumquat(rind only-chopped fine)
3/4 cup of sugar

6 large egg yolks
3/4 cup orange juice
1/2 cup of vegetable oil

3/4 cup of sugar
7 large egg white
3/4 tsp of cream of tartar


Pre-heat oven to 350 degree F

1) Sieve all the (A) ingredient in a mixing bowl until well combined.
2) Mix ingredient (B) until well blended and then add in ingredient (A) until smooth.
3) Beat ingredient (C) in mixer on high speed until stiff peak. It should not fall out when you turn the mixing bowl over. Fold 1/3 of the egg whites into the egg yolks mixture and continue to do so until egg whites is finish. Remember to fold in gently until well mixed.
4) Pour batter into un-greased 10" tube pan and bake for an hour or used a bamboo skewer to test the cake. Just insert the skewer into the center of the cake and it should comes out clean.
5) Invert cake and let it cool complete in the pan. When is cool, loosen the edge of the pan with knife and remove cake. Cut and serve when it's cool completely.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sauteed Chinese Eggplants with Shredder Pork in Spicy Tauchu( Fermented Bean Paste) Sauce

Have you every try sauteed Chinese eggplants with shredder pork in spicy tauchu (fermented bean paste ) sauce ? If not ,you have to try this recipe,it's really good! I finished this whole dish myself with white rice!! So delicious! You must wonder what is tauchu,right? There are few different types of fermented bean paste selling at Asian market. The one I bought is in clear bottle which the bean paste is finely ground . You can use any brand out there .Beside tauchu, you have to use Chinese eggplants/brinjal for this dish.Chinese eggplants are commonly shaped like a narrower, slightly pendulous cucumber, and sometimes were called Japanese eggplants in North America. Ingredients:

1 lb brinjal/Chinese eggplants ( cut 3 inch)
1/2 lb tenderloin pork (shredder)
2 tbsp fermented bean paste (tauchu)
2 tbsp sambal olek ( chili sauce)
3 cloves fresh garlic ( minced)
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
2 +2 tbsp cooking oil
1 stalk scallion ( cut 2 inch )
2 red long pepper (sliced)

1: Wash and cut brinjal,drizzle with 2 tbsp cooking oil in a large plate ,cook in microwave for 2 minutes.
2: Prepare wok or skillet at high heat ,add in 2 tbsp oil and chopped garlic,then add in fermented bean paste and shredder pork,fry for 1 minutes or until the shredder pork curl. Add in half cooked brinjal/eggplants ,salt and sugar. Combine all ingredients, saute for another 2 minutes or until the color of eggplants change color to deep dark purple or soft ,then it cooked .
3: Check the seasoning,sprinkle with cut red long pepper and scallion.Dish out and serve warm with rice.

If you want a healthier version,steamed or blanched cut eggplants instead of microwave with oil. But I found this dish taste better when microwave with oil and cook faster than others method.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Pork Tenderloin Rice Congee/ Porridge 稀饭

Porridge or Congee Rice is commonly eaten as breakfast by many chinese all over the world no matter where they are.To make rice congee there is no hard rule to follow .White rice is boiled in many times its weight of water for a long time until the rice breaks down and becomes a fairly viscous white porridge.Besides functioning as an everyday meal, congee is considered to be food therapy for the unwell .Recently my daughter has flu and cold,so I make some rice congee with pork tenderloin for her since she love soup and rice.


1 cup rice ( I used calrose/sushi rice)

1 liter water

200 gm pork tenderloin (sliced)

2 inch ginger ( scrape the skin and sliced)

salt and ground white pepper to taste

soy sauce to taste

1 stalk scallion( wash and cut) *optional*


1: Wash ,rinse rice few times in a medium pot before add in 1 liter water.

2:Cook at medium heat until rolling boil,then add in tenderloin pork and ginger.Continue to cook until the rice break down ,approximately 30 minutes or more before remove from the heat.Add additional water if necessary.

3: Add in salt or soy sauce and ground white pepper to your taste.Dish out in bowl and sprinkle with some cut scallion,serve warm.


I prefer to use stove top to cook porridge. Calrose rice texture is more starchy and quicker to break down during cooking. This meal is ideal to cook in crock-pot or pressure cooker.You can use chicken in bone or beef to replace pork.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stir-fry Razor Clam with Wasabi Sauce

Recently I bought a pack of frozen razor clam from Chinatown. I never cook razor clam before and would love to try it out. I remember a sushi chef who I know love to experience new items for his customers.He likes to cook his dish with wasabi sauce. I guess we need to invent contemporary Japanese food for the next level beside regular teriyaki sauce and tonkatsu sauce,right? I vaguely remember how his sauce taste but I know he used wasabi as the sauce base. I would like to re-create a dish with wasabi sauce .Here is my Stir-fry Razor Clam with Wasabi Sauce. Wasabi know as "Japanese horseradish", its root is used as a spice and has an extremely strong flavor .

1 pound frozen razor clam ( shell off)
3 cloves garlic( peeled and chopped)
1 small bell pepper ( wash and cut cube)
1 large onion (peel and cut cube)
2 red long pepper ( sliced)
1 tsp wasabi powder or paste
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp mirin
1 stalk cilantro
2 tbsp cooking oil


1: Wash and cut all vegetables,set aside. Wash and soaked razor clam in salt water,to remove soil,then set aside.
2: Preheat skillet at medium heat with oil,add in garlic,fry for 20 second or until lightly brown ,add in bell pepper,onion ,and razor clam.Saute for 30 second ,add in wasabi powder or paste,soy sauce and mirin .Mix well and check the seasoning.
3:Sprinkle with cut red long pepper and cilantro before dish out.Serve warm with rice.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Braised Chicken with Ginger and Mushroom

I miss my mom home cooking. She is a very good cook. I recalled when we're young she always serve us with this dish. When I was in my confinement ( child birth) she make this dish for my lunch and dinner. We Chinese believe consume ginger during confinement is good for our body during this critical moment. Here is my Chicken with Ginger and Mushroom.

1 pound boneless chicken (fats remove and sliced)
10 shitake mushroom (soaked and sliced)
2-3 inch old ginger ( peeled and sliced)
3 cloves garlic( peeled and chopped)
2 stalks scallion ( wash and cut 2 inch)
2 tbsp corn starch to coat chicken with 2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp chicken bouillon powder
100 ml water
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp sesame oil


1: Sliced boneless chicken ,marinate with corn starch and soy sauce,set aside.Soaked shitake mushroom with hot water for 30 minutes or longer or until softened,then cut .
2: Heat wok or skillet with oil at high heat ,add in chopped garlic and ginger until lightly brown ,then add in 100 ml water.When water is rolling boil ,add in marinated chicken,slowly stir the chicken apart from sticking together.Add in shitake mushroom,soy sauce and chicken bouillon powder,let it simmer for 3-5 minutes or until the gravy thicken.
3:Quickly add in cut scallion and sesame oil,make a quick stir before dish out.Check the seasoning before serve warm with rice.

You can use beef or pork to replace chicken.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jalapeños and Cilantro Philly Sushi Roll

Don't we all love eating sushi or sashimi? I know eating out can be expensive especially during this depression period. Hubby love sushi and I love making sushi especially the big ,giant roll or it's called maki. When I make my own sushi at home, I can use or choose any ingredients or style I like. I added some vinegar marinated Jalapeños and cilantro to the Philly Maki to make this special roll. It's really taste awesome!! Spicy and creamy!!


For making su-meshi/ vinegared rice

1 cup calrose rice/sushi rice

2 tbsp mixed sushi vinegar

1/4 cup water


For 2 Rolls

I lb fresh salmon ( must freeze and thawed at chiller before use) sliced

2 vinegar Jalapeños ( cut lenght wise and seed removed

1 box cream cheese (cut strip) 4 oz

2 sheet pre-cut toasted nori

1 stalk fresh cilantro ( wash)

2 tbsp roasted sesame seed (black and white)


1:You need a toasted nori sheet,place nori sheets stretching from you.Make sure you place the nori dull side facing upwards.

2:Spread the vinegared rice out evenly over the nori,but I prefer less rice,so I spread the rice lightly over the nori.Using one hand to prevent rice spilling over the end of nori,gently press down the rice with fingertips of your other hand.

3:Leave about 2 inch free on the far side,and 3/8 inch free on the side nearest to you.Spread some roasted sesame seed on the rice.Then turn the rice coated nori down facing on the chopping board.(to make inside out version,that mean wrapped rice outside and the fish inside).

4:Spread cut salmon ,Jalapeños,creamy cheese and 2 sprig cilantro and some sesame seeds on the plain nori sheet facing you in oblong shape.(Add in some mayo or rice to hold all ingredients together in case it's fall apart)

5:Firmly roll up from the end nearest you,taking care not to squeeze out the contents.

6:Use wrapping cling film over the rice coated nori and firmly hold the bamboo mat to roll up.

7:Use sharp knife to cut into 6 or 8 pieces,removed the wrapping film and arrange the roll on the plate.Serve with some wasabi and soy sauce.
Each roll cut to 8 pieces

While cutting the sushi roll,slightly dampen a sharp knife and sliced the roll carefully and firmly.Remember when using raw salmon,freeze it first!!.better safe than sorry!. It's dangerous to consume fresh salmon unless that fish has been frozen first, it would be wise to pass.That's because a tiny tapeworm larva may lurk in the raw salmon flesh, just waiting for you to eat it so that it can take up residence in your digestive tract.Cooking fish or freezing it at minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit or colder for 15 hours will kill Diphyllobothrium larvae. Marinating will not. Freezing fish at slightly higher temperatures for longer periods will also kill the larvae but will likely diminish the quality of the fish.Anyway,I thawed my salmon in fridge for a day before I use it.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pork Ribs in Ginger Soup

We have the coolest winter this year according to our weather forecaster.What a better food than a bowl of hot soup to warm our body in this frigging cold weather,right? I have some ribs end bone chop off from the whole racks ribs .Usually I remove both end ribs on the whole BBQ ribs and store in freezer for later use.So I don't have to buy more ribs to make soup,right? This ribs end bones is ideal for me to make some soup for our dinner.This is a simple and easy ,yet healthy delicious soup to make for your family in this cold weather: Pork Ribs in Ginger Soup Ingredients:

4-5 strips ribs bone (chop 2-3 inch each)

2 carrot ( peel and cut 2 inch )

3-4 inch fresh old ginger (peel and sliced)

1 tbsp ground white pepper

salt to taste

3 liter water for soup

For Garnishing:

1 stalk scallion ( wash and cut small)


1:Boil some water in medium stock pot, bring to a boil ,add in cut ribs and cook for 1 minutes. Skim and discard the scum from the surface ,or strain the ribs under running water to remove the fats,set aside.

2:Prepare a medium stock pot with 3 liter water at high heat,bring to boil,add in sliced ginger and cut ribs.Reduce the heat to medium,cover the pot with lid,cook for 30 minutes,then add in carrot.Cook for another 15 minutes or longer,add in ground pepper and salt to taste.

3:Remove from heat .Dish out in a bowl,sprinkle with cut scallion and serve warm.

Chinese believed fresh old ginger is good to decrease joint pain from arthritis .


You can replace pork with Beef or Chicken for this soup.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Braised Mirin Chicken

Japanese cooking is almost similar to Chinese cooking.The different between them is the texture and taste of their seasoning but overall it's almost similar . I found Japanese cooking is more bland and sweet than Chinese cooking. Two years ago I bought a bottle of Mirin but seldom use it. Now I would love to take this opportunity to use it to cook with whole chicken.Here is my humble Braised Mirin Chicken.


1/2 whole chicken (chop to small pieces )

2 carrot (peel and cut 1-2 inch)

2 tbsp mirin

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp chicken bouillon powder

1 tbsp sake

1 tsp sugar *optional*

1 tbsp cooking oil

2 clove garlic (peel and sliced)

2 stalks scallion ( cut 2 inch)

1 tbsp sesame oil *optional*


1:Clean and remove giblets,neck and feathers.Cut the whole chicken to small pieces with cleaver.You can use ready cut thighs or drumsticks instead of whole chicken.

2:Prepare wok at high heat with oil,add in garlic,fry until light golden brown,then add in cut chicken and carrot,reduce heat to medium.Let's simmer for 5 minutes with lid to cover the wok for faster cooking.Remove lid,add in soy sauce,mirin,sugar ,chicken bouillon powder and sake,mix well and cook for another 5 minutes or longer or until the meat is tender.

3:Check the seasoning ,sprinkle with cut scallion and sesame oil before remove from heat.Dish out and serve warm with rice.


This dish is easy and simple to cook.It's a Japanese comfort food which you can cook yourself instead of ordering at Japanese restaurant.If you don't have sake replace with chinese cooking wine.

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