Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup

Chinese herbal soup is not only good for health,they replenish nutrients that we need.It's also helps to regulate the taste buds,replenish the body's fluids,whets the appetite and prevents diseases. Pregnant woman should take high protein,vitamin and mineral soup ,such as lean soup and vegetable soup to increase absorption of nutrients,speed up the recovery process and regain the body's original shape after giving birth.When I was in my confinement,my mom make this soup for me daily.I love this soup!!


5 pc drumsticks (skin removed)
1 cup dried longan
1/2 cup dried red dates (pitted)
1/4 cup gojiberry/ wolfberry (wash)
3-4 chinese yam
20-30 pcs solomonseal rhizome
4 liter water
salt to taste


1:Wash all herbs and drumsticks ,removed the skin set aside.Prepare large pot with water at high heat.Add in all the herbal in the pot,cover with lid,let it's boil.

2:When the soup is rolling boil,add in drumstick,reduce heat to low medium.Let's the soup simmer for an hour or until the liquid reduce to half pot.Add in salt to your taste.

3:Serve warm before dinner or lunch.

This soup have natural sweet taste coz I add extra gojiberry and solomonseal rhizome into it.Both herbal is very good for our health especially to strengthens immune system,improve eyesight,heals cough and clear internal heat.


tigerfish said...

Another chicken soup for the soul today!

Selba said...

Yummm... looks delicious!

Beachlover said...

yes,this soup is good for soul :)

Thank you:)

Krista Goon said...

Very nice! I am a big soup fan myself and anything that is simple and straightforward and delicious gets my number one vote. Love your soup photos too!

Unknown said...

I always adore Chinese tonic soup for its comforting and nourishing qualities. I brothed Chinese Herbal Black Chicken Soup today and still feeling the overall well-being is boosted up hours after consuming it. :) Your photos look great!

CC said...

I've just bought the ingredients to try this soup. But don't know why the dried longan I bought is the black type, not the beige colour in your photo. The soup is dark in colour :(

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