Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fried Scramble Eggs with Edamame

Flu season is here. Few days ago Mishu is having flu and cold,and before she recover she passed her cold and flu bugs to me . What to eat when you're sick ? Something bland and plain,right? So I make some fried scramble eggs with edamame (soy beans ) and eat with some white rice.. Sort of comfort food when we are sick. Try this dish when you're not feeling well.It's not bad at all.
1 lb (1 pack) edamame (soy beans,shell off)
4 large eggs,beaten
1 large onion (peel and diced)
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp ground black pepper
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 red long pepper( sliced)*optional*

1: Heat non- stick pan with some oil at medium heat.Combine all beaten eggs ,diced onion ,edamame,salt ,ground black pepper and soy sauce in large bowl,mix well.
2:Scoop half portion of the mixture into the heated oiled pan,fry each side until golden brown or cooked.Flip over to check each side of the eggs from time to time.Don't burn it.
3: Remove the scramble eggs from heat,dish out and serve warm with rice.If it's not salty enough,add more soy sauce on it.Sprinkle with some sliced red pepper.


You can add extra eggs if you like all the soy beans cover with scrambles eggs.


Passionate Eater said...

What a great idea! I usually just eat edamame beans on my own, but I will definitely try edamame beans cooked in a breakfast scramble/omelet now.

Beachlover said...

passionate eater:
Yes,serve as breakfast!! it's a good idea!! the beans is crunchy and crisp too! Thanks for dropping by:)

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