Friday, February 27, 2009

New York Maki / Roll

What is New York Roll? Nobody can really define what is the real/authentic ingredients in New York Maki.I guess every Japanese restaurant have their own special ingredients for New York Maki. As I know mostly Japanese restaurant will combine tuna and Apple for their New York maki. Furthermore Big Apple is the nick name for New York,so if the maki is named as New York maki,it's should have apple,right?

For making su-meshi/ vinegared rice
1 cup calrose rice/sushi rice
2 tbsp mixed sushi vinegar
1/4 cup water
Ingredients:(B) For 2 Rolls-

I lb fresh salmon ( must freeze at zero temp and thawed at chiller before use) sliced
4 oz -1 box cream cheese (cut strip)
2 sheet pre-cut toasted nori
1 Fuji apple (cut stick shape)
1 cup seedless green grape
2 tbsp roasted sesame seed (black and white)

1:You need a toasted nori sheet,place nori sheets stretching from you.Make sure you place the nori dull side facing upwards.
2:Spread the vinegared rice out evenly over the nori,but I prefer less rice,so I spread the rice lightly over the nori.Using one hand to prevent rice spilling over the end of nori,gently press down the rice with fingertips of your other hand.
3:Leave about 2 inch free on the far side,and 3/8 inch free on the side nearest to you.Spread some roasted sesame seed on the rice.Then turn the rice coated nori down facing on the chopping board.(to make inside out version,that mean wrapped rice outside and the fish inside).
4:Spread cut salmon ,apple cut,cream cheese and 5-6 grapes and some sesame seeds on the plain nori sheet facing you in oblong shape.(Add in some mayo or rice to hold all ingredients together in case it's fall apart)
5:Firmly roll up from the end nearest you,taking care not to squeeze out the contents.
6:Use wrapping cling film over the rice coated nori and firmly hold the bamboo mat to roll up.
7:Use sharp knife to cut into 6 or 8 pieces,removed the wrapping film and arrange the roll on the plate.Serve with some wasabi and soy sauce.

While cutting the sushi roll,slightly dampen a sharp knife and sliced the roll carefully and firmly.Remember when using raw salmon,freeze it first!!.better safe than sorry!. It's dangerous to consume fresh salmon unless that fish has been frozen first, it would be wise to pass.That's because a tiny tapeworm larva may lurk in the raw salmon flesh, just waiting for you to eat it so that it can take up residence in your digestive tract.Cooking fish or freezing it at minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit or colder for 15 hours will kill Diphyllobothrium larvae. Marinating will not. Freezing fish at slightly higher temperatures for longer periods will also kill the larvae but will likely diminish the quality of the fish.Anyway,I thawed my salmon in fridge for a day before I use it.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love sushi especially california roll. Will try some great recipes here soon. Thank you for sharing...

Nice to know there are actually Malaysians in Long Island. Just curious...where exactly in Long Island? I'm in Hauppauge.

Beachlover said...

mei french:
thanks for dropping by:)
oh! we are neighbour then!! I live in Ronkonkoma next to Islandia.Maybe one day we can meet for "yam-char"..or recipe exchange:)

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