Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boiled Sugar Cane Drink

When we eat too much spicy food or hot food or fried food our body went bonker,right? Well ,Westerner doesn't really believe about cooling our body after consume heating food. As a Chinese I remember my mom always warn us to drink more water and don't eat too much spicy or fried food or else we will get sick. Chinese believed in "yin and yang"balancing concept of life. The terms of Yin or Yang relates to weather a food is cooling or warming food. I recalled one of the favourite drink my mom make is Boiled Sugar Cane drink..Too bad in US,it's quite hard to get fresh yellow sugar cane to make this drink but luckily we can get fermented sugar cane in packet. Usually the fermented sugar cane packet comes with fried yam,dried herbs and dried carrot. I prefer to use fresh carrot since carrot is really abundant and cheap here. It's really easy to make this drink..My daughter love it coz it's taste natural semi-sweet. Ingredients:

2 prepacked dry fermented sugar cane

8 liter water

1 lb rock sugar

2-3 large fresh carrot( peel and cut 2 inch each piece)


1: Prepare a large stock pot (10 liter pot) with cold water at high heat. Wash prepacked fermented sugar cane in a large bowl with running water for 4-5 times or 1 minutes.

2:Add peel ,cut carrot and fermented sugar cane into the stock pot. Cover the pot with lid until it's rolling boil,then reduce the heat to medium ,then uncover the pot.Let's it simmer for 2-3 hours or until the liquid reduced to almost 1/2 pot.You an see the liquid color changed to light yellow

3:Add in rock sugar into the pot,boil for another 30 minutes before remove from heat. Serve warm or cold.
Dried Fermented Sugar Cane boiling in stockpot

Ready to drink!!

The purpose of drinking Sugar Cane drink is to reduce body heat, so rock sugar is suitable for this drink.Do not add to much sugar into it. Carrot sweetness is a good replacement for sugar intake.


Unknown said...

i like this drink alot and i usually have 10 pkts of these in my pantry.

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

talking about storing sugar cane,I think I should buy more next trip to chinatown...daughter always sick..both of us love this drink :P

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I going to buy and boil it. Good

Unknown said...

I going to buy and boil it. Good

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