Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Braised Preserved Vegetables with Pork Belly (Mui Choy Yoke )

Recently I was in Chinatown food shopping,I requested the seller at the vendor store to get me "sweet" preserved vegetables (mui choy) but he recommended a "salted" mui choy in loose bundle.He even told me salted mui choy taste better than sweet mui choy. Well ,I'm a sucker for anything taste better that I never try before! hehehe!! So I asked for a bundle of salted mui choy,it's approx 1 pound and plan to mix with a pack of sweet mui choy I still have a home. Actually the salted mui choy not really salty provided you must soaked in water for 24 hours,then keep changing the water until it's color changed clear. .I recalled my mom told me to get sweet mui choy if I'm going to cook mui choy yoke .When I mixed both sweet and salted preserved vegetable together ,I don't have to add in soy sauce or salt when cooking.It's really a married in heaven!! This dish is a comfort food for me when I was living in Malaysia. Usually we eat mui choy yoke with congee/porridge..If you miss home or family,try to cook this dish...as easy as ABC!!


1 lb salted mui choy
1 lb sweet mui choy
3 pound pork belly ( cut 1 1/2 inch each)
6-7 fresh garlic (peel and chopped)
3 tbsp thick caramel soy sauce
2 tbsp sugar
1 cup water
1 tbsp cooking oil


1:Soaked mui choy in cold water 24 hours.In between keep washing and changing the water to remove soil .Then cut about 1 inch length mui choy,wash with clean water again..Remember to wash mui choy until no soil.Cut pork belly with skin about 1-2 inch each pieces.
2:Prepare pressure cooker at high heat with oil,add in pork belly ,fats and skin facing the pot bottom for 2-3 minutes,then add in chopped garlic.Fry until fragrant,then add in cut and clean mui choy,water ,sugar and thick caramel soy sauce.Cover with lid and notch,let it cook for 25-30 minutes at high heat
3:Remove pressure cooker from heat and slowly remove notch to release steam.Then check the seasoning again,dish out and serve with white rice or porridge.


Unknown said...

yes, this is comfort food.

i like more mui choy and less pork.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy! We love this, just had some last week.

ICook4Fun said...

I too love mui choy. It kind of reminds me of home when my grandmother cook a huge pot for all of us :)

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

aunty lily:
Yes I like more mui choy too:)

welcome to the clun!! i think this dish is Hokkien lang food..

Gert,I been eat this mui choy for 5 days!! lol!

suvi said...

Hey...I totally fell in love with your blog - I have drooled all over it!

tigerfish said...

Hakka dish?
I would like this with plain porridge. So comforting, it will be.

Anonymous said...

My favorite dish too. Mui Choy is Hakka food, right?

My Asian Kitchen said...

thank you fro dropping by:)

I dunno this braise mui choy is a hakka dish but I know Mui choy kau yoke that one with yam is a hakka dish..

I dunno this mui choy chu yoke is belonged to who..must ask my mom later...but I understand mui choy kau yoke with nam yee is Hakka dish..

J.C. said...

I am a Hakka and I think this is one of the famous Hakka dish. My mom used to cook this often. Love it, especially with porridge.

Mom uses a combination of sweet and salty mui choy. I tried to cook once but turned out salty and not as delicous as Mom's. Will try out your recipe and soak my mui choy for 24 hours. Thanks for this recipe! :p

Anonymous said...

This Mui Choy Yoke was yummy. It tasted like the one my Mom used to make.

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