Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dried Scallop and Chicken Herbal Soup

Making soup is actually very simple,just add ingredients,water and seasonings. However,making a tasty bowl of soup may not be that simple task. Soup contains a lot of nutrients and good for both young and old across the world.I always store dried scallop and different type of Chinese herbs in freezer. My daughter loves Chinese herbs soup,she always request soup during winter season. Having a hot bowl of fine nourishing soup is really priceless especially in cold and windy day!


4 chicken drumsticks (wash and drain)
10 pieces dried scallop(wash and drain)
1/2 cup dried longan (wash and drain)
1/4 cup gojiberry/wolfberry( wash and drain)
2 pieces candy date (wash and drain)
20 gm solomonseal rhizome (wash and drain)
1 piece white fungus ( wash and drain)
4 liter water
salt to taste


1:Wash all herbs and drumsticks ,drain, set aside.Prepare large pot with water at high heat.Add in gojiberry/ wolfberry , solomonseal rhizome and dried scallop in the pot,cover with lid,let it's boil. (Crock pot /slow cooker is ideal for this soup but have to cook overnight)
2:When the soup is rolling boil,add in chicken drumstick,white fungus and candy dates,reduce heat to low medium.Let's the soup simmer for an hour or until the liquid reduce to half pot.Add in salt to your taste.Let's it braise at high heat for another 10 minutes without cover,it's taste better .Do not stir the soup after adding salt,otherwise it's will reap a smell of raw salt.Then remove from heat.
3:Serve warm with dinner or lunch.


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks good! Especially during this awful winter season! I love chinese food. Although I'm a Malay, I must say it's just hard to find a good chinese food around here - just uncomparable to what we have in Malaysia. Thanks to your recipes - might as well just cook it myself! ahahaha

You say Islandia? That is pretty near...I'm a big fan TJmaxx heheheh
Yup we should meet!

email me when you free:

Beachlover said...

Hey mei-french:

salam,salam..I will email you soon..thanks!

昕倩 said...

Wow! what a good sharing...

Love your blogs...
Love soup soup soup...

thank you for sharing!

I will come again!

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Anonymous said...

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