Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pork Lotus Root Soup

It's been quite sometime ,I make a healthy soup for my daughter. Sorry ,hubby not interested in any Chinese soup no matter how nutritious or healthy it's. He only know American Chinese take out restaurant soup like Hot and Sour,Wonton and Egg Drop Soup. So,I only cook soup that we both loves. One of my favourite soup is Lotus Soup!! I remember when I was young,my mom always make this lotus soup for us. Honestly ,I like this soup the next day after re-heat again and again..It's taste better and smell stronger!!

3 pieces lotus roots (peel ,sliced and wash)

1 large piece pork in bone for soup ( not ribs) blanch to remove fats

1/2 cup pitted red dates (soaked and wash)

2 pieces candy dates (wash)

5-6 pieces dried cuttlefish (wash)

salt to taste

4 liter water

some cut scallion for garnishing


1:Blanch pork in bone to remove fats.I used pork in bone because it's lesser fats than ribs. You can ask the butcher to get pork in bone by telling him you want to make soup.Prepare a large stock pot (5 quart) with water at high heat.

2: Peel ,sliced and wash lotus roots,add into the stock pot with pork in bone,cover pot with lid. Let the soup boil with lotus roots and pork in bone for 30 minutes or longer,then add in red dates,candy dates,dried cuttlefish. Reduce heat to medium low,let's the soup simmer for another 1 hour or longer, until soup color changed to light red.(I prefer to cook the soup longer)

3:Add in salt to your taste,then boil for another 15 minutes before shut off the heat.

4: Dish out and sprinkle with some cut scallion before serve warm.

Prepare cut lotus root and pork in bone to cook in stock pot
Washed red dates,candy dates and dried cuttlefish.


Little Corner of Mine said...

I love lotus root and pork soup but haven't had it for a while because the Asian store here doesn't carry lotus root, strange! :(

ICook4Fun said...

I just love this kind of soup. I am going down to Philly tomorrow. Going to get some pork ribs and lotus roots to make this soup :)

homecookedrecipe said...

I just cook this soup @ I only be able to see two Lotus Root selling in Chatswood/Sydney. I grabbed one, not sure who will be the lucky one to get the last one.


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people against ingnorance said...

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