Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stir-fry Mung Bean Sprout with Garlic

Mung bean sprouts are the major bean sprouts in most Asian countries and are more widely used in a variety of dishes.Bean sprouts are known as dòu yá (豆芽, literally "bean sprout/germ"), yá cài (芽菜, literally "sprout vegetable"), or yín yá (银芽, literally "silver sprouts") in Chinese, and Hokkien (Min Nan) .I love mung bean sprouts stir-fry with salted fish but unfortunately I can't find a good "Mui Heong" salted fish here in US. So I just make a simple stir-fry mung beans sprout with garlic..The key to cook a crispy and crunchy sprout is not stir fry it too long in wok/skillet and must have a high heat.Just toss into the skillet for few times,then dish out.

1 lb mung bean sprouts
3-4 bird chili (sliced)
5 cloves fresh garlic (peel and minced
3 snow peas (shredded)
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp cooking oil


1: Wash and remove mung bean shell from the sprout ,drain,set aside.Prepare skillet at high heat with oil,add in garlic and ginger ,fry until lightly brown,then add in shredded snow peas,bird chili ,mung bean sprouts and salt.
2:Toss all the ingredients 4-5 times not more 30 seconds,the dish out immediately.Do not overcook the sprout coz it's tend to loss the crunchiness, this vegetable is really fragile.Serve warm.


Anonymous said...

Wow, some great looking pictures and recipes here, Lesley!! I have not visited your blogs in a long while .. busy doing nothing in particular leh ...

Great job!

Beachlover said...

Sila masuk la,jangan malu malu leh...thank you ,thank you for your compliment!! How your kitchen blog doing? boleh tahan?

Link said...

I am going to use this recipe today. How much ginger is needed as it is not specified in the ingredients' list

Link said...

very tasty and fast. Used chilli flakes and small piece of ginger- app. 2 cm long

Anonymous said...

This is a very tasty dish which I remember eating in Hong Kong n the chinese call it Taogay!

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