Friday, April 10, 2009

Chicken Angel Hairs Pasta Soup

Sometimes I used pasta in box to make noodles soup if I don't have any soft yellow or wonton noodle available. I understand using pasta in box is better than fresh yellow noodles sell in supermarket shelve because it's don't have "kan sui" or Lye water in English .It's also known as alkaline water or air abu in Malay. With our weather is still chilly cold,a bowl of angel hairs pasta soup is really welcoming.. Here I would like to share with you an easy and simple making of angel hairs pasta soup with chicken..


1 box or 1 lb angel hairs pasta

2 cube shrimp Knorr's flavour bouillon

3 liter water for stock

1 head broccoli (cut florets)

1 large piece boneless chicken breast ,about 300-500 gm( sliced and marinate with 2 tbsp corn flour and 1 tbsp water)

2 eggs

1 tbsp ground black pepper

a handful cold cut ham(cut)

handful cut scallion for garnishing

2 pc red long pepper (sliced) for garnishing

sesame oil


1:Cook angel hairs pasta accordingly to the box instruction until al dente..sieve ,set aside.

2:Prepare a medium stock pot with 3 liter water at high heat.Add in 2 cubes shrimp bouillon.When stock is rolling boil,add in sliced chicken and cut ham. Let's the ingredients cook for 5 minutes,then add in broccoli,ground black pepper and eggs,stir eggs by few strokes and then add in angel hairs pasta.When it's start boiling,shut off the heat or remove pot from heat.Do over boil or cook pasta soup.

3:Check the seasoning,if necessary add in some soy sauce..Dish out and garnish with cut scallion ,cut red pepper and drizzling sesame oil,serve warm.. Note:

If you don't have Knorr's shrimp flavor cube,you can replace with chicken stock in can or package.Here I would love to share this pasta soup with presto pasta nights created by Ruth and host by Marye of baking delights for this week PPN...Thank you guys!


marye said...

looks great ! Thanks for submitting ot Presto Pasta!

dawn said...

Yummy, i love noodles. also with this chilly weather I like to have wat taan hor also. Agak-agak with the seasoning.

My Asian Kitchen said...

thanks for hosting the events:)

talking about war-tan hor make me hungry now just using my imagination!! lol! let's me find some hor fun first!

tigerfish said...

I do that most of the times..use pasta as my "yellow noodles" works for me.

ICook4Fun said...

A great bowl of comfort food :)

csc2048b said...

you almost had me but you CHEAT the same way i do. those damn knorr cubes make things too easy. the holy grail is a great asian broth without resorting to MSG. sadly, no such recipe exists on the internet or in real life - truly a deplorable state we're in.

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