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Huat Kuih/Fatt Koh (Steamed Rice Cake)

I was dying to make huat kuih/fatt koh (steam rice cake) for sometimes. The reason is not because I love to eat huat kuih.It's because of the challenging skill and technique in order to make huat kuih to "SMILE" big. I heard from many people that to make this steam rice cake the real challenge is hard to make it "smile".Recently I have conversation with my mom,she told me she can't make her huat kuih to "smile" so she just bought the premixed flour to make huat kuih.My mom who know how to cook and bake food deliciously,dunno how to make huat kuih?? That was a news to me!! It's really amazed and urge me to make my own huat kueh!! I really want to test the difficultly level of this steam cake!! I love challenge!! yeah...that me!! But the problem is I don't have "wine yeast" or "ragi tapai" in Malay or it's called "chow peang" in Chinese and a proper steamer pot!! Anyway,I found a substitution for dry wine yeast .I can't find tapai ragi in US !! I understand Chinese restaurant in States use fermented sweet rice wine to make sauce like General Tso,Kung Pao or Chicken Broccoli.I used fermented sweet rice sauce/wine to replaced ragi tapai and my Fatt Koh/Huat Hueh really smiling to me!! Viola!! My first attempt making Huat Kueh was a success!! I'm adapted the recipe from Agnes Chang book..but only used half recipe instead of full recipe..

125 gm,cold cooked rice
4 tbsp fermented sweet rice wine
1 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tbsp water

150 gm sugar,mixed with 2 cups (16 oz) water,boiled to dissolve sugar syrup,cooled
300 gm rice flour

1 tsp ENO
1 tsp double action baking powder
red and green food coloring


1:Combine (A) in a clean glass container and cover with clean cloth.Keep aside and leave to ferment for 48 hours/2 days.

2:Pour fermented ingredients (A) into a blender,add 1/2 amount of sugar syrup and blend until smooth.Mix in rice flour and the remaining 1/2 amount of sugar syrup into the mixture.

3:Strain into a clean container,cover with clean cloth and leave to ferment for another 8-9 hours.

4:Add (C) except coloring if you intend to make more than one color into a mixing bowl,add fermented rice flour mixture and stir well.Then use different bowl to mix each coloring before pour into mould for steaming.

5:Pour mixture into small cups and moulds until full.Steam at high heat for about 15-20 minutes until cooked.

6:Remove cups and leave it cool before serve.

I don't have proper steamer so I used spring foam plate over wok to steam this cake.
smiling orcracking Fatt Koh

I used silicone baking mould ,afraid the cake will deflated after took out from steamer but it's still staying "smiling" good!...testing,testing!! no bad eh?

I only fill batter to 2/3 levelThis method might work but the kuih didn't really smiling big,maybe the spring foam pan don't have holes to let the hot steam circulate evenly. I have a small steamer ,so each time I can only steam 4 huat kuih as you can see in the photo
I have almost 30 pieces of Huat Kuih/Fatt Koh sitting on my kitchen counter,anyone?

this is the fermented sweet rice wine/sauce I used .You can find this rice wine in any Asian store in US.

rice in the wine



The container and cloth used for fermenting must be clean to prevent the mixture from turning sour and mouldy.I used glass jar.

Pour mixture into cups until very full and do not place them too close during steaming ,so the fatt koh will crack into a flower shape.


ICook4Fun said...

Bravo!!! I tred making it once it did puff up but no smile at the top. I used Eno and baking powder too. Wah, it took you nearly 3 days just to make this huat kueh. No wonder it Fatt so much :) By the way, where you get the fermented sweet rice wine?

ICook4Fun said...

ooops sorry!! I just saw the pix of the fermented rice wine. I see if I can find it here.

sue said...

Wow!!Good for you! Your Huat Kuihs are sure smiling happily. You are so clever to think of using Fermented Sweet Rice Wine..I would never have thought of that..We have lots of FSR wine here in the Asian markets, so will try out..Thanks for the recipe

anna said...

Ooh, I love the look of steamed cakes! I need to get a steamer someday, I'd love to experiment with them!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Gert,thank you,so pai this huat kuih took 3 days to make but after my 1st attempt,actually it's really easy to make,just mix everything and wait 24 hours and then wait for another 8 hours,that all!.I should get a bigger steamer my next trip to chinatown..maybe I should take huat kuih order now! hahaha!!

Thank you for your kind word:) looking forward to see your huat kuih soon:P

thanks for dropping by:) talking about steamer I better get a 3 level one soon:P

tigerfish said...

Green huat kuih! Wow!

Cookie said...

I am happy just looking at your huat kuih!

I still yet to take up this challenge cos I am going to be very sad if the huat kuih does not smile :-(

Call Me The Queen said...

nice!!! i was searching for some rice recipes when i stumbled upon your blog! the Filipino version for your recipe is called puto. i haven't tasted the "smiling huat kuih" yet but it looks yummy!!!

susan said...

Hi. I am new to cooking and am planning on trying to make this. I am Cambodian and love this dessert. I have tried making fermented sweet rice and that was fun.

What is ENO?

doris said...

Perfect Recipe!!!!.Full of joy and excitement when all the "Fatt Koh" smiles at me and my husband after opening the cover. Tried many Fatt Koh recipe from various books and websites but still failed. Very disappointed too.Once again, sangat "Terima Kasih" for your true and perfect recipe that you have shared with me/us. Will try more of your recipes near future.Now, I can start making the "Fatt Koh" for the coming Chinese New Year.

Anonymous said...

I have Ragi yeast and was wondering if the amount used would be the same. Thanks

Anonymous said...

is chow peang is the same as chinese's driest yeast balls? i went to the asian market to look for the chow paeng yeast but they didn't have anything like that...the only thing that most asian markets carry are just the chinese's driest yeast balls? Also, do i have to have the ENO salt for this cake? I can't find it at the asian market too. Is this cake have the sour taste within? I like the sour taste within. And can i substitute rice flour to real rice. By the way, where's the fermented sweet rice wine stored? I went to the asian market but can't seem to find it anywhere. Thank You!
I'm christy.

Anonymous said...

hi, i want to try this recipe..yummy but what is double action baking powder? what alternative to use..I have only baking powder.

Bali Tour said...

Thanks for the recipe
i will try to make it :D

Click Here said...

Mmmmm...Looks so delicious! Plus, when you're eating rice anything you can convince yourself that it's healthy. :)

remuk said...

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