Saturday, May 2, 2009

Claypot Chicken Rice

I always want to make my own chicken rice at home.I like the homey aroma and elegant taste of this dish in claypot.I recalled last year the moment I landed in Hong Kong .I quickly check in the hotel then walk with my daughter to the nearest restaurant at Mongkok to have a bowl of Claypot Chicken Rice.It's really taste good and delicious! I think Hong Kong Claypot Chicken Rice have similarity with Malaysia Claypot Chicken Rice.Here I would like to share my Claypot Chicken Rice with you:)
2 cups Jasmine rice,washed and drained
3 cups chicken stock ( I used can chicken broth)
2 whole chicken leg,wash and cut into pieces
6-7 pieces shitake mushroom,soaked and cut into 1/2
2 Chinese sausage,soaked ,sliced thin and fried
2 pieces thick salted fish,fried
1 inch fresh ginger,bruised and sliced

2 tbsp sweet soy sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine (shiong hua wine)
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 tsp ground black pepper,plus some for sprinkle

a handful cut scallion/green onion
Yield 2-3 person


1: Combine cut chicken,mushroom with seasoning and ginger in a medium bowl,marinade for 1 hour or overnight .

2:Wash rice until water clear,drain and add in chicken stock int a claypot,cover and bring to boil at low heat.Cook about 15 minutes or until holes are formed on top.Then stir rice from time to time to avoid sticking or sitting on the bottom.

3:Then spread marinated chicken and mushrooms,Chinese sausage on top,cover and cook with low heat until rice is dry and and chicken pieces are cooked,about 15 minutes.Use a wooden spatula to whip chicken and rice together .Then over again and cook for another 5 minutes.Remove claypot from heat.

4:Sprinkle fried salted fish on top,cover and leave to stand for 10 minutes or until rice is dry and fluffy.

5:Sprinkle some cut scallion and ground black pepper on top before serve warm.

If your rice is a new crop,reduce the chicken stock/liquid ,if not your rice won't dry and fluffy instead it's will be very sticky .That what happened to my rice.Learn from mistake or experience!!


ICook4Fun said...

Your claypot chicken rice look great. Wish I can have some for lunch now. I have to buy another claypot as the one I always used cracked. Eliot didn't pengsan smelling the fried salted fish?

sue said...

Hey, Lesly, great minds think alike...I made this same dish just a few days ago..but yours looks more appetizing..even my son says how come mine is so plain looking...:-).I'm still busy painting no tine to blog lately...

tigerfish said...

So hungry now

My Asian Kitchen said...

These day Eliot is more tolerance with my flavour cooking,maybe he used to it. When you buy claypot ,look for the one I choose,the sale person recomand this coz it's more durable than the traditional's also look better and larger.I think this type was sealed and can tahan hot and cold temp.

I see you make great chicken rice,look yummy la.Don't worried,look really good!!

Jom,let's go to hawker stall,outside the street! hahaha!

dawn said...

Looks totally different using claypot to cook this rice. I don't have claypot so i used non-stick pot and also minus the "haam yue" :D

pixen said...

It's delicious and really made me hungry for it. I have to wait until my next trip home to eat it to my heart's content.

Rachel Doss said...

Hi Lily, Love..Love..Love your blog! I had the steamed claypot chicken and rice in Beijing last October and can't wait to make it at home. I live in Chicago and have access to a fine Chinatown.Can you reccommed a salted fis? I get overwhelmed when I see the salted fish...I don't know which one to get.
Thanks in advance!

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