Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fried Arrowhead Chips/ Ngaku

I didn't know about this snack: Fried Ngaku or Arrowhead until I was back in Malaysia last previous Chinese New Year.This snack is so popular ,every household must have this snack to serve their guests during Chinese New Year. I recalled when I was young my mom used to plant ngaku in water on prayer alter during Chinese New Year but not to fried as snack!
Recently I found some huge and pretty ngaku when I visited Chinatown in NYC. The price is pretty reasonable good! I asked the seller to pick for me the big one for easy peeling and slicing.I afraid to pick or choose the ngaku myself,afraid getting scold from the seller..You dunno how the Chinese seller in Chinatown react when you touch their merchandise..Some seller forbid you to pick or choose their merchandise..After peeling and slicing,I soaked the Ngaku in salt water for hours before frying..


3 lbs plus Ngaku/Arrowhead,peel and slice

2 tbsp sea-salt

3 cups oil for frying

1:Peel and slice,ngaku.Then soak Ngaku in cold water with salt for 2-3 hours.Drain Ngaku and set aside for drying.

2:Prepare frying pan with medium heat with oil.Add Ngaku one at a time in fryer,fry until lightly golden brown,then sieve out and place on parchment paper or newspaper to drain off the oil. .

3:When fried Ngaku cool down completely,store Ngaku in airtight container.

You can omit soaking Ngaku in salt water..if you prefer to sprinkle salt after frying..


Cindy Khor said...

i love this malaysian snack...normally we take them during chinese new year and boy are they delicious...

Jo said...

Oooh love these chips and who can resist. We usually buy these for Chinese New Year and boy are they expensive during the festivals. I can easily go through a bottle of this in front of the telly and not realize how much I've eaten until my fingers reach the bottom. :P

My Asian Kitchen said...

don't we all love this snack? it's like potato chip,right? eat non stop!! hahaha!

Lucky you,can just buy this snack during CNY but here if we wanna to eat,have to make ourself la..Thanks for dropping by:)

Anonymous said...

how come it is not as crispy as it is suppose to be? can anyone tell me why?

Anonymous said...

i like it.
fist time i eat
thank 4 suggestion

aprilpang said...

Hi there,
This is April from Bella ntv7. Can I have your email address or contact number? I would like to have an interview with you regarding about "How to make nga ku crispy" this coming Friday.
And this is my email add, aprilplk@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon.


April P.
ntv7 Bella team

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