Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kaya (Coconut Egg Jam)

Kaya literally translate to Malay is called "RICH" but you ain't going to get rich after consume this egg jam:) Kaya or coconut egg jam is a food spread, a custard jam in the general sense, consumed mainly in Southeast Asia and made from a base of coconut and sugar. When I was in Malaysia ,I notice"Roti Bakar"(toast bread) is so popular in every coffee shop.I mean the hip-hop coffee shop in the mall and complex not the old fashion style "kopitiam"!! I guess it's the trend right now..Anyway,these day we can make authentic kaya but with short cut method..We don't have to stand hours at the stove stirring the custard.Since I bought a new double boiler pot,it's make my life easier to make this coconut eggy jam .This custard is suitable to spread on toast for breakfast or afternoon snack over a cup of coffee or tea.
200 gm granulated sugar
100 ml water
5-6 pandan leaves,wash
200 ml coconut milk
4 eggs,beaten

1:Cook sugar in small stock pot over low heat until caramelizes(brown color).Then add in water and pandan leaves,cook until sugar dissolves.Remove stock pot from heat.
2:Combine coconut milk and beaten eggs together,sift mixture and pour into the caramel .
3:Bring water in double boiler to rolling boil,then place the pot with mixture into the double pot.Keep stirring and cook the mixture with spatula until smooth and thick.It's about 45 minutes or longer.
4:Remove kaya from heat and set aside.Serve kaya with cracker ,toast,kuih or bread.


I used blender to pulse 2-3 times the custard mixture in order to get a smooth texture.If you don't mind the texture is a bit rough or not smooth,just omit this method.If you use blender to pulse the custard ,don't over blend it.After the kaya go through blender,it's advisable not to store the kaya in fridge coz it's might lost the wonderful eggy flavour.It's best to finish the kaya in a week.


ICook4Fun said...

Wow Lesley, the kaya look so cramelized, thick and smooth. Good job. I usually cook my kaya in slow cooker now. Just stir it every 15 minutes but it takes much longer to cook than the double boiler. I hardly cook this as one batch will last me a long time.

pigpigscorner said...

I miss this! I don't have a double boiler or a slow cooker so I made it the hard way, but it was worth it!

tigerfish said...

Seems so difficult leh.....

Cindy Khor said...

i tried making my own kaya too but failed twice... i'm not sure why as when i'm hitting up the egg and beating it, they sort of gives out a foul rotten smell... i'm not sure whether its because of the quality of the eggs or is it just me... but i'll try making it again

noobcook said...

woah u make your own kaya as well, so impressed :D

My Asian Kitchen said...

I never try slow cooker yet,must try one day! I'm lazy to stand there and stir the kaya all the time,so using double boiler my kaya won't burn or melekat ! thank you but I still didn't have to "kungfu" to make smooth kaya yet!*sigh*

not really la..

thnak you:) I think the old fashion way is still the best way to make kaya,right?

try this short cut method,cramelized the sugar first,then save you the hard work..maybe your eggs is rotten.Why don't you crack your egg in bowl first...looking forward your kaya post soon! good luck!

thanks! no choice la...buying kaya here is quite expensive eventhought I can get Malaysia made one from Malaysia restaurant..a small pint is for $5!

mycookinghut said...

Nice one! The one that I made is without the caramelised sugar.. it's sort of look greenish with the pandan juice :) I like the chunky one without having to blend. Yours looks good.. I will try one day!

lee said...

hi... just wanna ask, the recipe i got from my aunt use no water at all. i tried it, it's nice but it's not smooth...

i'll definitely try your way... thanks

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