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Sambal Tumis ( Sauteed Chili Paste)

These days I preferred to use my own pre-make homemade sambal tumis or sambal belacan for various hot and spicy exotic South East Asia cooking. Making sambal tumis is really simple and easy but you must have all the right ingredients.If you like your sambal tumis extra extra spicy like me,add more dried whole chili pepper or add more Thai's bird chili.Last week ,I make my first batch of sambal tumis at my new propane BBQ stove.The belacan(shrimp paste) flavor was really strong and pungent while frying. The key to make an authentic sambal tumis,is to use half cooked belacan and reduce heat to slow when sauteed..keep stirring until the sambal tumis paste change color to dark deep brown..Recently I bought a new propane BBQ grill and would love to take this opportunity to make some sambal tumis for storage.Here I would like to share my step to step method of making this sambal tumis..

3 lbs fresh long red pepper (hot),remove seeds and stem end
8 oz dried whole red chili pepper (hot),soak until soft
4 oz/175 gm belacan (shrimp paste)
1 cup or 1 lb shallot,peeled
1 cup or 4 bulbs garlic,peeled
1/2 cup candle nut ,wash
1/2 cup sugar or to taste
6 tbsp tamarind powder or to taste
8 tbsp sea salt or to taste
2 cups cooking oil

1:Combine and blended all above ingredients except belacan,sugar ,tamarind powder and salt until fine or paste texture.
2:Heat wok or large skillet over medium heat,place cut belacan on the skillet.Heat or pan-grill both side of cut belacan until lightly crisp brown,then crush to small pieces.Do not over fry belacan until too dry coz it's taste bitter.
3:Then pour in blended chili paste into the skillet,reduce heat to medium low..Keep stirring the mixture until oil separated,do not let's the bottom of the pan over burn.It's about 30 minutes or longer.Then add in sugar,salt and tamarind powder.
4:Check the seasoning to your taste. Remove skillet or pan from heat.Cool down completely before store in clean air tight container.Store in fridge or freezer.Use when needed.
belacan (shrimp paste) Made in Malaysia

new BBQ grill with side stove..I used side stove for cooking this sambal tumis and find it really great!!.This belacan and chili sauteed with oil was overpowering the air freshness in the home.Hubby used to choked and coughed when I cooked this type of exotic paste or dish during winter in the kitchen.

pan-fry belacan on the skillet pan.
sauteed chili paste- sambal tumis in skillet
the chili paste color almost changed to dark deep brown..
This sambal is versatile and can be used as a chillie base for chicken, seafood, fried fish ,fried rice, fried nuts and anchovis (ikan bilis) and etc....This sambal is also used as a garnish for nasi lemak, lontong, mee siam.
Combine cooking oil with others ingredients when grinding in blender,you will have better fine texture in your paste.


Cindy Khor said...

thanks for the sambal recipe, its hard to get sambal in the uk therefore i'd to make it myself.

sue said...

Wah, Lesley, please send a bottle of your sambal to me...:-) I love sambal tumis...thanks for the recipe..and good idea to cook outdoor..due to my present sickness, my Doc advise me to go off spicy's like telling me not to breathe..! I have to have sambal with my food!!! M'sian mah!!!

Elaine said...

Hello! I saw the word "Sambal Tumis" at Tastespotting and being Malaysian, of course I took the bait. That is a very lovely sambal tumis you've got there and it was a good idea cooking the belachan outside. Imagine stinking up the sofas, carpets and curtains!

ICook4Fun said...

Yea Lesley, have you thought of selling your sambal tumis. I will be the first one to buy from you since I can't cook belachan here. Carlos will pengsan with the smell :)

pigpigscorner said...

This is good stuff!

My Asian Kitchen said...

u welcome:) hope to see your sambal posting soon!

what a bumper!! why no spicy food? I thought spicy food is good for health,no? wish you soon recover and able to wo-lop more spicy food!! I don't think the immigration allow this kind of food thru Canada..I remember the last time they check our car and ask us to throw away the fruit and drink away..Maybe when you some to visit me,I save some for u,ok?

Thanks for dropping by:) oh yes...i remember the first time I cook sambal belacan my whole house stink for weeeks...hubby wonder if there was any rats die! hahaha!

selling sambal? hmmmm...I don't think my one laku la..hahaha!! btw,when you come to visit me,we can cook your sambal at my bbq I just bought another 4 pounds whole long pepper @ 99 cent a pound!! inexpensive right? lagi fresh ,red and pretty!!...planning to make another batch again when I'm free..


tigerfish said...

Choking? It should be chokingly good!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Gorgeous! I guess it's the neighbors that got pengsang with the smell this time. LOL!

Chris said...

U mentioned tamarind powder..can u elaborate a bit more, like the brand, the appearance, best still..a picture! Can get tamarind paste(brick form) and sauce here. Powder seems very appealing. For ppl who don't have a side burner on the BBQ, I use a little propane type stove used for steamboat or camping and it works well too. Very handy to have in a power outage, even just to boil water or heat up food.

sunflower said...

My sambal tumis recipe is slightly different from yours. I cooked mine outdoor too save cleaning up the stove and avoid stinking the house for days.

My Asian Kitchen said...

my neighbour don't complaint or bother me..they are quite nice,lucky me,right?

you're funny!! lol!

you can google and get the pix of tamarind powder,I wish to take the pix but didn't see your comment until now..anyway here is the link
I used Knorr's brand and it's quite cheap here..2 packet for $1.00...sometimes promotion,it's be 3 packets for $1.00..i prefer to use tamarind powder coz it's easy and simple ,the result is almost same..if I cook food with lots of gravy /liquid ,this tamarind powder is really great! I like TOGO stove too but the propane is quite small and expensive compare with bbq side burner,right?

I guess we all have different version of sambal mom's sambal tumis taste better than mine...must ask her one day how she make hers!! thanks for dropping by:)

mycookinghut said...

wow!! this is great!

Anonymous said...

Wow..this is the most detailed recipe yet. Thank you for showing the step-by-step with pictures. It helps and makes your recipe idiot-proof for people like me!

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