Monday, May 11, 2009

Stir-fry Steak with Snow Pea

These days snow pea is relatively cheap. I guess the reason is because summer is almost here. The only method I know to cook snow pea is stir -fry. I still have some left over slices filet mignon, so I used it to make some stir-fry snow pea for hubby. The meat is tender and soft,so I did not tenderize it.I just marinated with cornflour and soy sauce .Here I would love to share my simple Stir-fry Steak with Snow Pea.


1/2 lb snow pea,( wash, cut tip and pull string on side)

3 cloves garlic,peel and chopped

1/2 stick carrot,peel and sliced

1-2 lbs sliced filet mignon,remove excess fat

2 tbsp cornflour

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp oyster sauce

1 tbsp chicken bullion powder

1 tbsp oil


1: Cut the tip of each snow pea and pull out the tough string that runs along its side ,then wash and drain ,set aside.Marinate sliced filet mignon with corn flour and soy sauce.Add 2 tbsp water of necessary.

2:Heat skillet or wok at medium high heat with oil,add in chopped garlic ,fry until lightly brown then add in marinated steak.Stir-fry steak for about 1 or until curl,then toss in carrot ,snow pea,chicken bouillon powder and oyster sauce.

3: Increase heat to high,toss the snow pea with steak for another 1-2 minutes.When it's changed color to deep green,check seasoning,dish out immediately. Do not over cooked steak and snow peas.

4:Serve warm with rice.


dawn said...

How do you tenderized beef before stir frying it? does the corn flour helps to tenderize it? Last week I stir fry beef strip and they came out so hard to chew - like "ngan".

My Asian Kitchen said...

You don't have to tenderlize fillet mignon..this meat is the high end cut..But if your beef is too tough,you should use tenderlizer(it's look like hammmer) first b4 cut sliced. but if you buy the sliced beef ,you can use the tenderlizer spice/powder to do the, cornflour doesn't help to tenderlize meat but it's nice to eat when meat coated with smooth gooey thingy..I think you buy the low end cut of beef that why your beef are tough..and remember don't cook too long when cooking's not like chicken or pork...just toss few time,or maybe half cook is fine,coz you don't wanna to eat rubber when it's get tough,right? hope it's help..

Angie's Recipes said...

Not cheap at all here.... 200grams for 2,49Euro....:-( I love snow peas, even just simple stir-fried with minced garlic.

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