Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chinese Crackling Roast Pork (Siu Yoke/Siew Yoke)

I love Chinese crackling pork but it's hard to get a good crackling pork in Long Island..Mostly all the Chinese restaurant here in Long Island sell America's Chinese food like Chicken Broccoli,General Tso's Chicken and etc..Well,of course I still can get good crackling pork but I have to go to NYC's Chinatown restaurant .Almost every Chinese restaurant in NYC do sell crackling pork hanging at their store front .Mostly people called roast crackling pork as"Siew Yoke" but the name given by Chinese restaurant here is Roast PIG!! And for "Char Siew",they called Roast Pork!! Don't ask me why!! I guess they try to differentiate the name in English.To make life easier, I bought a block of pork belly ,weight about 5 pounds plus..Actually it's not much work to make this crackling pork at home,it's pretty easy and simple..I just prick the pork skin all over with sharp knife before I rub with sea salt,sugar and red fermented bean curd(nam yue).Then bake and broil in the oven..after 2 hours I have fresh crackling pork for my dinner!! Hubby love it,he thought it's cueritos or Chicharron( South American food)!! If you miss crackling pork and can't get it anytime or nearby, you might want to try this recipe.I promise you ,you won't regret it!!


5 -6 lbs pork belly or shoulder

4 tbsp sea salt

3 tbsp red fermented bean curd ( nam yue)

1 tbsp sugar


1:Wash pork and pat dry with paper towel. Then score meat’s skin with a sharp knife, making a cross-hatch pattern all over the skin.

2:Rub sea-salt,sugar and red fermented bean curd all over the pork,well.Placed the marinated pork skin down over an aluminum foil over a baking tray in fridge for 2 hours or more.

3:Bake marinated pork at 375 F for 45-50 minutes,then turn the skin facing up,bake for another 45 minutes. Changed oven setting to broil ,cook for another 15 minutes or until the skin crackling puffy and crispy.

4:Remove crackling pork from oven and let's it rest for 10 minutes before cut and serve warm as appetizer or main dish I didn't realised I didn't score or prick the skin well,so you still can see the skin in the middle is not crackling puffy.
I love to dip this crackling pork with cut Thai's chili and soy sauce!! very yummy!!
If you want your pork's meat tender and moist,use bake setting first to cook the pork belly or shoulder..


Angie's Recipes said...

Oh, I don't know about this pork dish...why is it called "crackling"?

ICook4Fun said...

You did a great job with the crackling! It look so crispy. You make me wanted to make some too. I have to get some nice pork from Chinatown this weekend.

noobcook said...

wow, looks fantastic, just like those I bought outside. The skin is so crispy!

pigpigscorner said...

It looks perfect! Mine always comes out chewy.

My Asian Kitchen said...

I dunno why it's called crackling,maybe it's becoz of the skin..siew yoke is a very famous authenic chinese appetizer,try you you might like it like me!

Thanks! I'm sure your sisters will love your home pork crackling ..I can't wait to see your crackling soon!!

Thanks for your kind words!

Thanks you..I think you didn't prick or score the skin wt knife or fork enough,that why your pork skin was chewy..

Jo said...

I love siew yoke and I can already taste the crackle in my mouth! Delicious!

tigerfish said...

It looks crackling, it sounds crackling! I want that crackling YOKE!

Ravenous Couple said...

nothing tastes as good as crispy pork skin...love it!

Anonymous said...

normally, the perfect siu yok came along with 5 seasons spicy!!

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

I love roasting pork belly for my family and I do it at least twice a month. Yours looks so crackling good !

Ben Gage said...

great recipe, will try it, thanks

Unknown said...

Please let me know were on L.I. can i buy Pork with crackling. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi... We are planing to go to San Francisco for crispy roasted pork and I'm searching for it and found your site. Your pictures look so good. I will try to make it next time but tomorrow SF eating out.

Ann said...

Hi, thank you for sharing this recipe with us. I've tried this tonight and the skin is crackling good! The only thing is it was very salty. I followed the recipe to the letter but I think the 4 tablespoons sea salt is way too much. Perhaps 2 teaspoons?

Elsie Hui said...

Wow, your roasted pork belly looks so delicious! I hope mine will look like that when its made! :) Thanks for posting!

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