Friday, June 19, 2009

Grilled Mackeral with Sambal Belacan

Summer is the time for outdoor grilling a.k.a BBQ grilling. Recently I bought some fresh mackerel from Chinatown and would love to grill it with pre-cooked homemade sambal belacan I made. Eating grilled sambal fish at Malaysia restaurant in US is really pricey ,so the ideal and affordable method is making this fish at home,right? Honestly,grilling your own fish at home is really easy and simple,provided you have aluminum foil ready and handy..Of course when I bought these fish at the market,I requested the seller to clean and remove the head for me.....make my life easier,right?

1 clean mackerel,clean and head removed
1 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp sambal-belacan-paste
1/2 lime
handful cut cilantro
1 piece 12x12 aluminum foil


1:Rub sea salt all over clean mackerel,then wrap mackerel with aluminum foil,12 x 12 size.
2:Grill wrapped mackerel on the grill at medium heat on both side..about 5 minutes each side.
3:Remove grilled mackerel from heat,open the wrap on the top,then spread 2 tbsp sambal belacan on the fish.Sprinkle some cut cilantro and squeesh lime on the fish.
4:Serve fish warm immediately..


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