Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pulut Panggang (Grilled Glutinous Rice)

Pulut panggang literally translate to English as "BBQ glutinous rice" .But actually this snack consisted of spices, coconut,dried shrimp and glutinous rice. You can find this snack easily at any hawker stall or night market (pasar malam) in Malaysia.Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury to just step out to the street and get this snake anytime I like,so I have to make myself. Here are my simple version of Pulut Panggang..

Ingredients for Glutinous Rice:(A)
300 gm glutinous rice,washed soaked for 4 hours or overnight and drained
1/2 can coconut milk or 200 ml
1 tsp salt
2 pieces pandan leave(screwpine leave)
4 tbsp dried shrimp,soaked and chopped fine
1 1/2 cup white grated coconut or more
1 tsp chicken granulated powder
1 tbsp sugar
16-18 pieces softened banana leaves (20 cm x 15 cm)
some toothpick
1: Prepare steamer with water with high heat.Combine all ingredients (A) in a steaming tray or deep plate until cooked,about 45 minutes.
2:Remove and fluff up the rice,set aside.Divide into 16-18 parts.
3:Heat skillet or pan at medium heat with sambal-belacan-paste,chopped dried shrimp,grated coconut and all the seasoning .Sauteed and mix well until fragrant.Check the seasoning and dish out.
4:Shape 1 part of glutinous rice into a prepared cut rectangle on the banana leaf.Scoop 2 tsp filling in the center,roll up tightly in banana leaf.Pierce both end with toothpick.Trim some excess banana leave if necessary.
5:Grill and serve.


Anonymous said...

i used to have this for breakfast or snacks in m'sia...really good!

ICook4Fun said...

I love pulut panggang but so far only made it once. Maybe with my sisters here I should make some so they can help me to eat :)

Angie's Recipes said...

Much like those dumplings/Zongzi we eat at dragon boat festival...
Angie's Recipes

Jo said...

I love pulut panggang. This is simply the best and I can easily eat 4 of this.

tigerfish said...

Eaten this but did not know the name....oops!
Hmmm... at least now I know.

My Asian Kitchen said...

thanks for dropping by:) hope to see you again:)

oh yes,I remember you make this snack long time ago..I'm sure your sister will honor to help you to finish this snack:)

I guess you can said this snack like zongzhi but actually this snack is much much easier to make than zongzhi,atleast don't need the kungfu to wrap the banana leave..

eat 4 ?? hmmmm I must try too..

now you can eat this anytime in singapore..I bet the one sell taste better!!

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