Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soybean Juice/Soy Beans Drink 豆漿水

Mishu loves fresh soy drink or soy juice..She always ask for soy juice when she want something to drink.I know soy juice is good for her health.It's contains calcium and protein which as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and it's may reduce the risk of heart disease .Usually I bought fresh ready make soy juice from Asian supermarket shelf but most of the time the ready make drink smell weird.I guess maybe it's almost near the expired date. So I decided to make my own soy milk at home for her.Chinese soybean juice basically consists of ground soy beans and water .American soy milks, on the other hand, contain all kinds of other stuff like vitamins, salt, and vanilla or chocolate flavor are other common additives.Actually making pure soy milk at home is not really as hard as you think..Just some extra work involved but it's really refreshing good when you gulp the whole glass down your throat. Ingredients:
2 lbs soy beans,soaked overnight preferred
4 liter water,divided
2 cups sugar
6-7 pandan leaves (screwpine leaves)

Soaked soy bean overnight before blended/ground fine
Blend soy beans until fine/puree,add some water to help the machine to puree the beans,one cup at a time until very fine
Then use a clean cheese cloth to wrap the ground puree and squeezed the juice out to a large boiling stock pot.Add some water to mix with the pulp fiber to squeeze the juice out if necessary.Removed pulp fiber from the cloth carefully .Keep repeat the same procedure until all the grounded beans done.
Add in the remaining water into the stock pot,then add in pandan leaves together and boil at medium heat for 1 hour.
You can add in the sugar with the ready cooked soy juice or cook the sugar syrup separately but I prefer to use sugar syrup for my soy juice.
It's best to consume soy juice on the same day.If you have leftover,don't leave the soy juice at room temperature.You must store it in refrigerator!


sue said...

wahhh...nothing like a glass of fresh cold soy milk..It's frigging HOT in Toronto these days...I used to make my own soy milk too,cos I can't drink milk...How is New York's weather like lately?..Hot, hot, hot???

Angie's Recipes said...


ICook4Fun said...

I love soy milk but too lazy to make it myself so I just buy the 'Silk' from the supermarket :)

tigerfish said...

I can get "homemade" soymilk from a store near where I stay in California previously. You made me miss that this very second. :(

Little Corner of Mine said...

I'm too lazy to make myself too. But now they have machine that specially used to make soy milk.

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love soymilk..lucky for me there's a vendor who roams our street with fresh soymilk everyday!

My Asian Kitchen said...

how come Toronto is hot? we here have plenty of fact we are raining right now!! I know alot of asian are milk intorelance...but it's ok since we have soy milk avaliable right?


I never try silk milk yet!

lucky you! wish I live in chinatown next to vendor store!!

I heard about soy milk it's? it's good?

wish I can get soy milk easily here too..but American hardy drink soy milk not like us asian..

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