Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Steamed Black Sea Bass with Ginger and Garlic

Last week I visited Flushing,Queens for food shopping.I bought quite alot of seafood at reasonable price.One of the fish I bought is black sea bass.Black Sea bass season is here now.I recalled years ago before I have my daughter,I always go for black sea bass fishing at Long Island South Shore. I tried fishing on party boat for many times but too bad I had bad seasick.No medicated or method can cure my seasick.So the last resort for me to fish is surf fishing(fishing on the beach). The first fish I caught was stripe bass but unfortunately the fish doesn't meet Department of Environment Protection size requirement,so I have to throw back into the water.*sigh* I love black fish,fluke,flounder,snapper,sea bass,stripe bass and porgy.They are great fish coz the meat are smooth and soft like butter.The black sea bass is an exclusively marine fish.It is a type of Grouper and found more commonly in northern than in southern ranges.They are most abundant off the waters of New York. They can be found in inshore waters (bays and sounds) and offshore in waters . For this fresh salt water fish,the best method to cook this type of fish is steam. I can enjoy the freshness of the fish by simply steam with soy sauce ,ginger and garlic.


1 black sea bass,about 1.5 lb clean wt head attached

2 inch fresh ginger,scale and julienne

4 cloves fresh garlic,peel and sliced

4 tbsp premium soy sauce

2 tbsp cooking wine

3 tbsp cooking oil

1 stalk cilantro,wash and cut 1/2 inch length

1 stalk scallion,wash and cut 1 1/2 inch length


1:Clean and removed any leftover scale from the fish.(I asked the fish seller to clean the fish for me when purchase it at market).Then make an incision on the middle of the fish on both side.
2:Place clean black sea bass on a large plate,then cover with plastic cling wrap tightly.Make 2 small incision into the plastic cling wrap,to release steam when microwave.
3:Place black sea bass in microwave for 2 minutes high.If the fish is about 1.5 lb,you need 2-3 minutes steaming in microwave.It's also depend on your microwave power.Usually I microwave 2 minutes first,then remove and check the result.If the fish is in the same texture,microwave for another minute.
4:Meanwhile ,heat skillet/pan at medium high heat with oil ,ginger and garlic.Fry garlic and ginger until fragrant and lightly brown,increase heat to high ,quickly pour in soy sauce and cooking wine into the pan.
5:Remove sea bass from microwave ,then remove cling wrap, pour the soy sauce mixture onto the steamed fish.
6:Sprinkle cut scallion and cut cilantro on the top.Serve sea bass warm immediately.


foodcreate said...

This dish may not sound glamorous, but this unusual fish does demonstrate that is a tasty and filling combination.Tasty!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful dish:)

Stop by and visit us:)

Cindy Khor said...

if only i could get my hands on fresh fish, then i would certainly make this dish. its so healthy and definitely tasty.

ICook4Fun said...

Another fav of mine but I hardly buy whole fish as I will be the only one eating it. Since my sisters will be here I can indulge myself with this for 3 weeks :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thanks for dropping by:) will drop at your site...thanks again:)

oh yes,it's really tasty and healthy,,you should try some soon!!

Gert,you don't have to wait for your sisters or company to share this kind of fish..I walop all this fish by myself,lagi tak cukup!!hahaha!! just give Mishu 2 feeding,then she ask for more,I said finished! me bad mom! lol!

mycookinghut said...

wow.. the fish looks nice and firm!

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