Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Steamed Marble Egg Cake (Kueh Nee Gor)

I'm not a fan of Kueh Nee Gor aka Steamed Egg Cake but one of my reader asked me about this cake. She told me her "Kueh Nee Gor"making was a failure..and I promised her I will try to make this cake once I get a proper steamer.This is my second time steaming this eggy cake,it's not that I like to eat this cake infact it's because I love the challenging method to make this steam cake successful . I didn't have the chance to try out this cake until I get a 3 tier steamer. My first attempt was a big failure because the basket I used is too narrow and the steamer stand doesn't hold the basket ( not a proper steaming stand),that why some of the hot water from steamer immerse into the batter.I vowed to get a proper steamer before I try to make another batch again. Actually steaming this eggy cake is not really hard as long as you have proper equipment or tools like basket and steamer, and not to said you must have a powerful great mixer for the batter.The verdict is really beyond my expectation!! The cake is really soft ,no air bubble or pocket and the texture is very smooth fine.My mom said it's because I used my Kitchen Aid mixer which have a great speed!! The down side is my "kueh nee gor" doesn't smile .My mom's said in order for my "kueh nee gor" to smile or have a crack on the top, I need to put the batter in a smaller size basket because I only used 1/2 of the recipe..Well...maybe next time...
125 gm all purpose flour
150 gm rough sugar ( I used granulated sugar)
3 extra XL egg or 4 Large egg
1 tbsp concentrated orange juice (I used regular orange juice)
1 tbsp 7-up or Sprite


1: Sieved flour in a bowl ,set aside.

2: Combine eggs and sugar in mixer bowl,beat ingredients at highest speed until foamy and fluffy.It's about 15 minutes if you use hand beater on speed #3.If you're using Kitchen Aid mixer,use #8 speed for 10 minutes.

3:Then add in 7-up and orange juice before adding in flour.Reduce speed to low ,mix flour well together,remove immediately after 10 round whips .
3:Meanwhile,prepare water in a large wok with cover at high heat.

4:Scoop half of the dough into a prepared parchment paper over a steam basket. Mixed the other half dough with cocoa powder and swirl over the dough in the basket,to make marble effect cake.Use knife or chopstick or spoon to swirl the chocolate batter .

5:Steam batter in the steamer at high heat for 30 minutes .Do not let the vapor drop on the batter.Best result use clothes to close the gap.Remove the cover immediately from steamed cake to check the readiness by using toothpick.If the tooth pick come out clean,then it ready.

6:Remove parchment paper before cut and serve.

When adding flour into the egg mixture,make sure the speed must be reduced to low if not the cake is going to be heavy,rough and tough,it's won't be puffy and light.Or you can just mix the flour manually by whisking with hand whisker ,don't let the batter seat too long.Also take note that the heat must be high while steaming or else the cake won't come up nicely and puffy.
I didn't realise my new steamer collected vapor on the top of the cover.You can see the water dropped on the top of the cake. Hop over to see my mom's "Kueh Nee Gor"HERE!!! My mom's "Kueh Nee Gor" look much much better than mine ,right?


ICook4Fun said...

My mom used to steam this cake for us and we like to spread it with kaya and eat it with kopi O. Wish I can have a slice now with your homemade kaya :) The next time you steam this cake wrap the steamer cover with a kitchen towel and it will prevent the water dripping into the cake.

Jo said...

I love steamed cakes. This really reminds me of when I was young my mum would buy this from the market over the weekend. Really delicious.

Anonymous said...

thanks alot for responding to my request. i'll will try again cos' it's my mum's favorite. thanks for sharing all yr wonderful recipes.

My Asian Kitchen said...

come ,come ,take all you can!! hahaha!! actually I just eat one bite and the rest is still sitting on the counter..I never like kueh nee gor when I was young...I think I dunno how to appreciated this mom's always give her away to her neighbour after prayer coz nobody at home wanna to eat it..but here I have nobody to give:( I try to remember to wrap clothes over the cover when steaming cake.

Thanks for dropping by:) some pls told my mom's the steam egg cake selling in market doesn't use eggs to save cost.They use cornstarch..

Hope you like it and Good Luck!! let me know how is your steam egg cake come out ,ok?

pigpigscorner said...

I want some with condensed milk =)

My Asian Kitchen said...

PPG: come come take lor! lol!

Jobless Girl said...

Cool, the steam cake looks great.

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