Friday, July 31, 2009

Claypot Ee Mein in Soup (Fried Egg Noodle)

Recently I bought a pack of fried egg noodle (Ee mein) from Asian market in NYC.These Ee mein was made in Malaysia.At first I was skeptical about the quality,afraid it might smell and taste stale so I just get one pack which contains of 5 pieces "Ee mein". To my surprised this Ee mein is really great and flavourful!! We (my daughter and me) finished the whole package within 3 days!! I regretted not get more than 1 package..Never mind,there always next trip!! I make sure my next trip to Asian market I must get few more 2 or 3 packages of this Ee mein!! Well,there are 2 way to cook this Ee mien:in hot plate or in claypot..For now I just used claypot coz I don't have hot plate..If you have chance to get this Ee mien,give a try,it's really taste good cooked in clear soup!!

2 piece of Ee mein(fried egg noodle)
1 1/2 cups chicken stock,plus extra if you like soupy or 1 cube chicken bouillon if you don't have chicken stock
2 cup water if you're using chicken bouillon
1 tsp or few dash ground white pepper powder
6-7 florets broccoli
1 small piece boneless chicken,sliced + corn starch+1 tbsp soy sauce+2 tbsp cold water,mix well
3-4 small shrimp,shelled and clean
1/2 piece of fish cake,sliced
1 egg
salt to taste
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp fried lard+fried garlic or fried shallot*optional*
1:Prepare a medium size claypot with chicken stock or water at medium high heat.If you use water add in chicken bouillon cube into it as well.
2:When the stock is rolling boil,place the marinated chicken,broccoli and fish cake in the claypot for 1-2 minutes.Then place Ee mein (fried egg noodle) and shrimp in the hot bubble soup,follow by a egg on the side.
3:Increase heat to high,add in ground white,salt,sesame oil and fried garlic and fried lard on the top.When the soup bubbly boil again,shut off the heat or remove from heat immediately.
4:Serve hot/warm with cut red or green pepper or chili sauce on side.
Note:*this is not an advertorial post* just to show you the "Ee mein" I'm talking about coz it's really good!!

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Monday, July 27, 2009


Cendol is a common and popular cold dessert sell at hawker stall or food court in Malaysia.Cendol are served in a cold mixture of coconut milk, brown syrup made from the local gula melaka, and shaved ice.I miss cendol and the only place I can get cendol is in Malaysia restaurant in NYC which is about an hour drive away. So I decided to make my own cendol at home.I was surprised this dessert is not difficult to make at all! If you're adventure like me or miss cendol or can't access cendol easily,why not try to make it yourself? Enjoy and good luck:P

Ingredients Dough:

150 gm green pea flour (hoon kueh flour aka lek tau hoon)

1 1/2 cup water

2 drops pandan flavor

1 tbsp lye/alkaline water/kan sui/air abu

1/2 tsp salt

1 can coconut milk,400ml
Palm Syrup:

2 cup water

1 pack palm sugar,400gm

1 cup sugar

4-5 pandan leaves (screw pine leaves)
1:Combine dough ingredients in a heavy base sauce pot,cook at low heat,keep stirring the flour mixture constantly,do not let the dough stick to the bottom .
2:When is mixture is thick and shiny,remove from heat immediately.Prepare a basin of ice cold water,place a cendol frame (any sieve with large holes) over the basin.
3:Press the flour mixture in the sieve and press with ladle.Work quickly by pressing dough through the cendol-maker with quick short strokes (keeping dough warm all the time) into a basin of ice water.Repeat the same procedure until dough finish.Then raise few time before sieve in a large bowl,set aside.

For Palm syrup:
1:Combine sugar ,palm sugar ,water and pandan leaves in a stock pot at medium heat.Stir constantly until thicken and lightly brown.Remove from heat and leave it to cool down.

Serve cendol with coconut,palm syrup to your taste and shave ice or crushed ice.
cooked cendol dough mixture
press cendol dough through the sieve frame into a basin cold water
dough mixture become cendol shape,ready to serve with ice crushed ,coconut and palm syrup.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fried Nian Gao with Taro (Fried Glutinous Rice Cake)

I realised I still has 2 sticky glutinous rice cake (Kueh Bakul/Nian Gao) in my pantry given by mom when I visited Malaysia two Chinese New Year ago..Oh yeah..almost 2 years but still good coz it's was in vacuum pack.I love to eat fried Nian Gao with yam and sweet potato,so I purposely hunt for yam/taro at South America market nearby.Sadly I can't find Japanese sweet potato,so I just bought the taro.The nearest Chinatown is almost 30 miles away..Well,it's not Chinese New Year yet but what the heck! My mom told me vacuum pack nian gao have longer shelf's prove to be true!! The company who make this nian goa must have the secret technique to make this nian gao still look and taste good after this dessert!! I eat this snack for my breakfast ,yummy!!

1 medium size bowl nian gao,remove from vacuum pack and sliced thin
1 taro/yam,peeled and sliced thin,about 3 lbs
For Coating:
1/2 cup self raising flour
1/4 cup rice flour
1/4 cup glutinous rice
1 egg
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 cup cooking oil
1:Combine all the flour ,salt,sugar and egg ingredients in a large bowl,mix well.Arrange a slice of nian gao to sandwich between 2 slices of taro,coated with flour mixture.
2:Heat oil in fryer or skillet at medium heat.When oil is hot enough,flick some flour into it to test the temperature.When you see the flour mixture curl,that mean the oil is hot enough..
3:Slowly place the coated nian gao into the heated oil,do not over crowded or top each of the sandwich nian gao.Reduce the heat to medium,fry the sandwich nian each side for 5-8 minutes each side or until lightly brown.Use a toothpick or bamboo stick to pierce into the nian gao sandwich,if come out clean,that mean it's cooked.
4:Use a tong or chop stick to remove the cooked nian gao to a paper towel to absorb the grease.
5:Cool down for 10 minutes before serve warm not hot!! be careful not to eat hot nian gao coz it's will burn your tongue and mouth!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ABC Soup

I grew up drinking and eating ABC soup. ABC soup is easy and simple to cook yet taste healthy and delicious!! I have no idea why this soup named as ABC.My guess it's because it's simple and easy as ABC and it's take no time to cook in short period.This ABC soup is kid friendly soup too.

1 large bowl chopped rib tip ,about 2 pounds
3 liter water
2 carrot,peeled and cut 2 inch
1 large onion,peeled and cut quarter
1 inch ginger,scaled and sliced
4 nos potato,peeled and cut quarter,prefer Idaho potatoes.
sea salt to taste
1 tbsp whole white pepper,crushed or
1 tbsp white pepper powder*optional*
1 stalk cilantro,washed and chopped
1:Prepare medium stock pot with water at high heat.When water rolling boil,place rib tip into the water for 2 minutes to remove the fats and blood from the rib.Remove the rib tip from stock pot and let it run under cold water until clear.
2:Heat water in stock pot at high heat,add in rib tip,ginger,crushed whole pepper ,potatoes,carrot and onion,covered.When the stock and ingredients are rolling boiling reduce heat to medium high,covered.Let's the soup simmer at 30 minutes.
3:Add in salt and cook for another 5 minutes.Remove from heat and dish out.sprinkle with chopped cilantro before serve warm.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp

Pineapple is quite expensive here yet relatively cheap during summer.Mostly the pineapple sell in US and A came from South America.I grew up eating pineapple but it's different kind of pineapple cultivar that can't be found here.I love pineapple fried rice but ordering this dish in Asian restaurant can be quite pricey.So whenever pineapple on sale I 'm sure get one or two count to stand by at home.Usually I will make rojak(fruit salad) with it but this time ,I decided to make Pineapple Fried Rice which I missed very much.Making fried rice with pineapple it's really heavenly delicious and tasty.

2 medium bowl jasmine cooked rice(overnight preferred)
20 medium shelled and clean shrimp
1 ct ripe pineapple ( remove the flesh,eyes and left the hollowed out shell)
1/1 lb bean sprout,clean
2 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
4 eggs
1 large onion,peeled and diced
1 cup green pea
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp white pepper powder
3 tbsp cooking oil


1:Heat wok or large skillet at medium heat with oil.When wok is hot enough crack in eggs and scramble for 1 minutes,dish out set aside.

2:Use the same wok,then drizzle some oil,add in diced onion and shrimp,stir -fry for 30 seconds or until shrimp curl.

3:Add in rice,green pea,seasoning and pineapple.Toss the ingredients at high heat for 5 minutes,then add in scramble eggs and bean sprout. Check the taste.

4:Dish out and place in pineapple shell.Serve warm.

Pineapple in Can can be replace for this dish.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Assam Ikan (Tamarind Spicy Fish)

These days cooking Assam Fish at home is really easy and simple.We don't have to slave our self hours in the kitchen to make all the spices.There are plenty of prepacked Assam Fish spices in the Asian market.I love Assam Laksa Noodle in broth,I can eat this hawker food daily.The last trip when I was in Queens I bought 10 packets of Assam Laksa spices. I used Assam Laksa spices to cook this dish instead if Assam Fish spices which I still have few packets in storage.Of course I need extra spicy in my Assam Fish,so I add some sambal-belacan-paste in the gravy!! Wooohooo!! it's really a kick!! If you can access to Assam Laksa prepacked spices,you might want to try this scrumptious ,hot and sour fish!!

3 mackerel fish,clean and cut into 1/2 if it's too large and long
300-400 gm okra,stump remove
2 tomato,washed and cut quartered
2 onion,skinned ,washed and quartered
1 packet Assam Laksa spices (Chan Hong brand)or Assam Fish spices
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp tamarind powder
2 tbsp sambal-belacan-paste
sea salt to taste
1 1/2 cup water
handful cilantro for garnishing
1:Heat medium skillet or wok with water at high heat.When water is rolling boil,add in Assam Laksa spices into the water.
2:Stir the spices,then add in tamarind powder,sugar and sambal-belacan-paste.When the gravy bubbly boil add in cut tomato ,okra and onion into the gravy.Cook those vegetables for 3-5 minutes .
3:Add in salt to your taste,then slowly add in cut mackerel into the wok or skillet.Cook the fish for 1 minutes , not longer or overcooked.Overcooked fish will disintegrate and have tough meat.
4:Immediately remove skillet from heat.Dish out,garnish with cilantro and serve warm with rice or noodle.

if you want extra spicy in the gravy,you can add in sambal oelok if you don't have sambal belacan.Sambal oelok can be obtain in any market.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Broccoli Rabe in Oyster Sauce

Broccoli Rape is a common vegetable sell in Western supermarket.Rapini has many spiked leaves that surround a green bud which looks very similar to a small head of broccoli. There may be small yellow flowers blooming from the buds, which are edible.The flavor of rapini has been described as nutty, bitter, pungent, and "an acquired taste". It's also similar with "kai lan".But Chinese or Asian don't use Broccoli Rape in their cuisine.I saw Broccoli Rape on sale at $0.99 a pound and grab 2 bundles.Usually this vegetable are pricey if it's not on sale or seasonal.Well,this time I use the simplest method to cook this vegetable.Just blanched and pour some oyster sauce and soy sauce onto it.Yummy and refreshing!!

1 bundle broccoli rape,about 1 pound,wash and remove bottom stalk by 1 inch
5 cloves fresh garlic,peeled and sliced
4 tbsp cooking oil
3 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp premium oyster sauce
some fried lard(bak U bok) for garnishing
1:Prepare pot with water at high heat,enough to cover the broccoli.When water rolling boil,place clean broccoli rape into it for 1-2 minutes.Quickly remove broccoli rape from the hot water into ice bath cool water or running cool water to retain the crunchiness of the broccoli.
2:When cool, remove from the ice bath and shake off excess water.Place the cooked broccoli on a large plate.Then microwave for 30 second.
3;Prepare skillet with oil at medium heat with sliced garlic.Fry garlic until fragrant or until lightly brown,then add in soy sauce and oyster sauce.
4:When the sauce is bubbly boil,remove from heat and pour the sauce over the arrange broccoli rape.Garnish with fried lard and serve immediately.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mixed Fried Rice with Snow Pea

I'm happy that my vegetable garden product some fantastic result beyond my expectation!! This year I enlarged my garden to seed vegetables like snow pea,sweet pea ,string bean,lettuce,strawberry,corn,squash,tomato,pepper ,melon and some herbs..So far I have some sweet pea and snow pea waiting for me to harvest..Believe it or not I think the vegetable that I snipe or harvest from my garden taste better and crunchy than the one bought from store!! As they said ORGANIC vegetable is good for our body!! Days ago I sniped some mature snow pea to make fried rice. Rice is a staple food for us Asian.Usually I cooked extra rice and would use it to make some fried day the next day.Here is my simple and easy fried rice with fresh snow pea.

2 large bowl cooked jasmine rice (overnight prefered)
12 pieces snow peas,wash and sliced
20 pieces medium shrimp,shelled and washed
3 eggs
1 onion,peeled and diced small
100 gm minced meat
2 tbsp chicken boullion powder
1 tbsp ground black pepper
salt to taste
2-3 tbsp oil
2 tbsp sesame oil
1:Prepare wok or large skillet at medium high heat with oil for scramble eggs.Remove egg from wok after 2 minutes,set aside. Used the same skillet,add in onion,minced meat and shrimp ,stir fry for 2 minutes before add in overnight rice.
2:Fry the rice thoroughly,about 5-10 minutes before add in all the seasoning,scramble eggs and sliced peas .Toss the ingredients for another 3-5 minutes.Check the seasoning.
3:When you see your rice are not sticking together ,it's fluffy and loose,then it's ready.Remove from heat and serve warm.
The key to make great fried rice is to use overnight Jasmine rice and make sure the fried rice is dancing in the wok then it's ready.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stir-fry Chinese Eggplant with Minced Shrimp and Pork

I like Chinese eggplant compare with other type of eggplant.Chinese eggplant also called aubergine and sometimes were called Japanese eggplants in North America. Chinese eggplant resembles a purple zucchini, with its long thin shape and purple color that may be streaked with white.I like Chinese restaurant cooking and taste of Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce but sadly the food contains tons of oil because the chef would throw the food into the hot oil first ,then wash the oily food again with soup or water before stir-fry. I think this method have a special name but I forget what it's called. I do try steamed eggplant method first before stir-fry but it's doesn't taste good.At last I used microwave first to cook the eggplant but don't forget to sizzling some oil on the eggplant before microwave..It's help the cooking process beside your eggplant taste better and not too oily.

1 lb Chinese eggplant,washed and cut diamond shape
10 medium shrimp,shelled and minced
200 gm minced meat
3 cloves fresh garlic,peeled and chopped
2 tbsp garlic in black bean sauce (LKK brand)
2 tbsp sambal-belacan-paste
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
1 stalk scallion,washed and cut
1 handful julienne carrot
1 whole red pepper,sliced
4 tbsp oil

1:Wash and cut eggplant,placed on a large ceramic plate.Then sizzling oil all over the eggplant.Microwave for 2 minutes.
2:Prepare wok or large skillet at medium high heat with sambal-belacan-paste and chopped garlic.Stir-fry for 30 seconds,then add in black bean sauce,minced shrimp and meat.
3:Increase heat to high,add in eggplant,sugar and chicken bouillon powder.Keep stirring all the ingredients for another 5-8 minutes.If it's too dry add in 2-3 tbsp water.
4:Check the seasoning,then add in cut scallion ,carrot and sliced pepper.Remove wok from heat immediately.
5:Dish out and serve warm with rice.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Steamed Emperor's Chicken

I brought back few packets of Emperor Chicken herbal spices mix from Malaysia but until now I didn't make any effort to cook any Emperor Chicken at all .Of course,Asian market in NYC do sell Emperor's Chicken mixture herbs .In fact whatever brand sell in Malaysia,Asian market here do carry it.The last time I make emperor-herbs-chicken was with baked method .But since I bought a 3 tiers steamer, I might as well try steam method. The different between bake and steam method is steam method produce more sauce or soup than bake.Personally I like the steam method coz I can mix the soup/sauce with the rice.


1 whole chicken,about 4-5 lbs
1 packet Emperor herbs spices mix
1 tbsp sea salt
1/4 cup gojiberries/wolfberries,washed

1:Prepare steamer or wok with water at high heat.
2:Wash and clean whole chicken,then rub the whole chicken with Emperor herbs spices mix and sea salt thoroughly inside out and massage the chicken at the same time.Sprinkle wash gojiberries all over the chicken.
3:Wrap with the rubbed chicken with plastic wrap,follow by aluminum foil provided in the packages mix.
4:Placed wrapped chicken in the steamer when the water is rolling boil.Reduce heat to medium high and steam chicken for 1 1/2 - 2 hours or until the chicken cook.
5:Remove from steamer and serve warm immediately.

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