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Cendol is a common and popular cold dessert sell at hawker stall or food court in Malaysia.Cendol are served in a cold mixture of coconut milk, brown syrup made from the local gula melaka, and shaved ice.I miss cendol and the only place I can get cendol is in Malaysia restaurant in NYC which is about an hour drive away. So I decided to make my own cendol at home.I was surprised this dessert is not difficult to make at all! If you're adventure like me or miss cendol or can't access cendol easily,why not try to make it yourself? Enjoy and good luck:P

Ingredients Dough:

150 gm green pea flour (hoon kueh flour aka lek tau hoon)

1 1/2 cup water

2 drops pandan flavor

1 tbsp lye/alkaline water/kan sui/air abu

1/2 tsp salt

1 can coconut milk,400ml
Palm Syrup:

2 cup water

1 pack palm sugar,400gm

1 cup sugar

4-5 pandan leaves (screw pine leaves)
1:Combine dough ingredients in a heavy base sauce pot,cook at low heat,keep stirring the flour mixture constantly,do not let the dough stick to the bottom .
2:When is mixture is thick and shiny,remove from heat immediately.Prepare a basin of ice cold water,place a cendol frame (any sieve with large holes) over the basin.
3:Press the flour mixture in the sieve and press with ladle.Work quickly by pressing dough through the cendol-maker with quick short strokes (keeping dough warm all the time) into a basin of ice water.Repeat the same procedure until dough finish.Then raise few time before sieve in a large bowl,set aside.

For Palm syrup:
1:Combine sugar ,palm sugar ,water and pandan leaves in a stock pot at medium heat.Stir constantly until thicken and lightly brown.Remove from heat and leave it to cool down.

Serve cendol with coconut,palm syrup to your taste and shave ice or crushed ice.
cooked cendol dough mixture
press cendol dough through the sieve frame into a basin cold water
dough mixture become cendol shape,ready to serve with ice crushed ,coconut and palm syrup.


petite nyonya said...

the weather is so hot & humid here that i am wishing for a bowl of yr cold cendol right now! :D

Chris said...

Sounds great right abt now in this humid weather! Is the green pea pwdr easily avail. in NYC?? I have to import mine from Msia. Just a suggestion for actually making the cendol(as I don't have a big sieve) is to use a potato ricer.

noobcook said...

wah your cendol looks really authentic. I never knew that a sieve and spoon is what it takes to make the twirls. Nice!

high over happy said...

Mmmm, this is making me miss home. I didn't know you could make cendol yourself. Bookmarking for next dinner party.

My Asian Kitchen said...

NP Melaka:
Just hop over to the vendor now if I were you..I was amazed wt melaka cendol quite different from penang one,right? next time I might add red beans and sweet corn like Melaka cendol..yummy!!

Yes,you can get greed bean powder in any NYC asian market..don't forget to get other powder as well,like tapioca powder,taro powder and etc..just whack what ever you see when you're here this August! hahaha! well I own a potatoe ricer,that press down .Thanks for the idea but I prefer to just seive and in fact I have 3 different size of seive..


HO happy:
thanks for dropping by:) hope to see you again soon:P

ICook4Fun said...

CENDOL!!!! wish I can have a bowl now. There weather here is so crazzzy. Hot and humid all day long.

petite nyonya said...

yikes, am not quite sure abt Penang's cendol coz I've not been there for so many yrs and did not try the cendol there the last time. i must make a trip to Penang one day soon for all the great food there. yeah, i love melaka's cendol too.

btw, for the Disney cookie cutters, you can go to it's a shop in HK & i thk they ship to buyers. it's in Chinese. if you can't read it, you can Google "cake diy" and opt to translate the site, then click on the 1st link on the left. it will bring you to the products page. :D

sue said...

OMG, Lesley, You can make cendol also!!...I'll try to make some and introduce it to my son... Thanks for the recipe..We are planning to go to M'sia and Singapore next year for summer vacations. My son is very excited and counting the days...

Sunshine said...

yummmy....sigh..wish I stay near you so that I can enjoy all these..

Sometimes is not that I'm not willing to try but then some of these stuff the hubby would not eat it and it sucks to eat it alone. Have you trained yours to eat anything and everything you cook? What about Mishu? does she eat everything you cook too?

My Asian Kitchen said...

yes,we have very hot and humiddddddd weather too.....but this year summer is not really bad at all,right?

thanks for the info...I'm going to check out the website you gave! wonder why store here didn't sell this cookies cutter..Must suggest to Dollar Day store to carry this item..when I was back last year we visit Penang famous cendol.I makan there somemore taupau back to hotel!! really good!!

Thanks! i try to feed Mishu but she only drink the liquid not the cendol,she said it's look like worm..*sigh* good luck wt your son! maybe we can meet next summer in KL...I might leave NY end of Spring and stay in KL for 2 months b4 visit I'm counting the days like your son! hahaha!

yeah,wish we stay near each other,so you can share my food.Most of the time my hubby won't eat my spicy or comfort Msian food..Luckily Mishu sometimes will eat my Malaysia cooking especially curry and assam laksa!! she even request me to make her Assam laksa the other day!! never mind la if your hubby won't eat you eat more...if I wait for my hubby to eat with me die lor!

Sunshine said...

So you have problems with ur hubby too..every time when I cook my favorite food ie char kway teow or pig totters etc he won't even touch it!!I eat the whole pot myself for days..even herb soup no thank you he says!

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

You're amazing! I love chendol too! Are you able to find attap chee? I love attap chee in my chendol :) If I was living overseas, I want to be your neighbour!

My Asian Kitchen said...

that normal 'kwailo" don't drink herbal soup..Mine said bak kut teh smell yucky and sambal belacan is a poison food!!haha! at first he complaint when I make all the spicy food but nowdays he used to it,so he kwai kwai walk away.mine still eat non-spiy curry chicken and CKT but depand on his mood..that why I train Mishu to eat Malaysia food when she started solid food.train your kid to eat our comfort food then you have someone share your cooking ma..

thanks! yes I can find attap chee in can...these days we can get almost everything here...cincau(leong fa) in can too!!

pigpigscorner said...

haven't had this in ages! Not a big fan of cendol but my hubs loves it!

Anonymous said...

your cendol looks yummy.btw any alternatives for alkaline water/kansui? :D

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