Friday, July 31, 2009

Claypot Ee Mein in Soup (Fried Egg Noodle)

Recently I bought a pack of fried egg noodle (Ee mein) from Asian market in NYC.These Ee mein was made in Malaysia.At first I was skeptical about the quality,afraid it might smell and taste stale so I just get one pack which contains of 5 pieces "Ee mein". To my surprised this Ee mein is really great and flavourful!! We (my daughter and me) finished the whole package within 3 days!! I regretted not get more than 1 package..Never mind,there always next trip!! I make sure my next trip to Asian market I must get few more 2 or 3 packages of this Ee mein!! Well,there are 2 way to cook this Ee mien:in hot plate or in claypot..For now I just used claypot coz I don't have hot plate..If you have chance to get this Ee mien,give a try,it's really taste good cooked in clear soup!!

2 piece of Ee mein(fried egg noodle)
1 1/2 cups chicken stock,plus extra if you like soupy or 1 cube chicken bouillon if you don't have chicken stock
2 cup water if you're using chicken bouillon
1 tsp or few dash ground white pepper powder
6-7 florets broccoli
1 small piece boneless chicken,sliced + corn starch+1 tbsp soy sauce+2 tbsp cold water,mix well
3-4 small shrimp,shelled and clean
1/2 piece of fish cake,sliced
1 egg
salt to taste
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp fried lard+fried garlic or fried shallot*optional*
1:Prepare a medium size claypot with chicken stock or water at medium high heat.If you use water add in chicken bouillon cube into it as well.
2:When the stock is rolling boil,place the marinated chicken,broccoli and fish cake in the claypot for 1-2 minutes.Then place Ee mein (fried egg noodle) and shrimp in the hot bubble soup,follow by a egg on the side.
3:Increase heat to high,add in ground white,salt,sesame oil and fried garlic and fried lard on the top.When the soup bubbly boil again,shut off the heat or remove from heat immediately.
4:Serve hot/warm with cut red or green pepper or chili sauce on side.
Note:*this is not an advertorial post* just to show you the "Ee mein" I'm talking about coz it's really good!!


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

My kids like to eat Yee Mee too, simple and delicioius

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

When I was a teenager long, long ago with a ravenous appetite, I would eat 1 large claypot of this ee min every Saturday after school! Brings back happy memories :)

petite nyonya said...

Oohhh,...yumm! Perhaps I'll try this next week.

dawn said...

Lesley, the Ee Meen can be found in the dry section, right? I have go to a different Asian store to get myself fish cake.

Sunshine said...

Slurp you make me so hungry!! I need a clay pot to make this you think? I've been thinking about getting a clay pot but I thought aiyoo another gadget in the house. My kitchen is full of different gadget for different stuff scared the hubby ngam ngam cham cham..LOL

ICook4Fun said...

I tried looking for this yee mee that day in NY but can't find any. Maybe the next time I visit you I can buy some. Looking at your yee me is making me hungry!

My Asian Kitchen said...

oh yes,this mein is really easy and simple to cook,right?

thanks!yes it's also bring back my yesteryear memories when staying at home..

thanks! I'm envy you can get and eat eevrything you like there:P

yes you can look for it in your asian market but I dunno if your Asian market carry this product..even in NYC only certain asian market carry this product..If your asian market carry tean's or Delimas product you might have the chance to find it there..

you don't have to cook this eee mein in claypot la if you don't have one...don't worry about hubby,told him you invest pot and pan in kitchen is good for him too coz he can eat homecooking.without pot and pan or kitchen gadget how to cook Mine hubby don't bitch me but sometimes he make remark about me buying cutlery,plates, pot and pan if I don't allow him to buy his toys!haha!

I also notice not every Asian market carry this Ee mein.. wait let me finish my swimming lesson first,then we can go jalan jalan kat Elmhurst..I also wanna to pick up few item and seafood there..

Sunshine said...

OH Gosh!!My hubby does the SAME THING!!Ehh Caucsian all like that one is it :P...Nahh he's not into eating chinese food I cook. If an investment would need to use to cook kwai lo food!

Unknown said...

Hi Les...OMG!!!! your yee mien makes me drool....really miss authentic Malaysia's food. time if you go to that store again, please buy me 3 packs and post it to me and I'll pay you. Couldn't find that in Georgia :(

high over happy said...

Have been meaning to buy a claypot. Bookmarking this when I do - thanks!

noobcook said...

I love eee mee, this is making me drool :D

Anonymous said...

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