Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mixed Fried Rice with Snow Pea

I'm happy that my vegetable garden product some fantastic result beyond my expectation!! This year I enlarged my garden to seed vegetables like snow pea,sweet pea ,string bean,lettuce,strawberry,corn,squash,tomato,pepper ,melon and some herbs..So far I have some sweet pea and snow pea waiting for me to harvest..Believe it or not I think the vegetable that I snipe or harvest from my garden taste better and crunchy than the one bought from store!! As they said ORGANIC vegetable is good for our body!! Days ago I sniped some mature snow pea to make fried rice. Rice is a staple food for us Asian.Usually I cooked extra rice and would use it to make some fried day the next day.Here is my simple and easy fried rice with fresh snow pea.

2 large bowl cooked jasmine rice (overnight prefered)
12 pieces snow peas,wash and sliced
20 pieces medium shrimp,shelled and washed
3 eggs
1 onion,peeled and diced small
100 gm minced meat
2 tbsp chicken boullion powder
1 tbsp ground black pepper
salt to taste
2-3 tbsp oil
2 tbsp sesame oil
1:Prepare wok or large skillet at medium high heat with oil for scramble eggs.Remove egg from wok after 2 minutes,set aside. Used the same skillet,add in onion,minced meat and shrimp ,stir fry for 2 minutes before add in overnight rice.
2:Fry the rice thoroughly,about 5-10 minutes before add in all the seasoning,scramble eggs and sliced peas .Toss the ingredients for another 3-5 minutes.Check the seasoning.
3:When you see your rice are not sticking together ,it's fluffy and loose,then it's ready.Remove from heat and serve warm.
The key to make great fried rice is to use overnight Jasmine rice and make sure the fried rice is dancing in the wok then it's ready.


Cindy Khor said...

yummy juicy looking huge prawns on a bed of fried goodness. i'm gonna make them now.

noobcook said...

congrats on your harvest! your fried rice looks so moist and tasty

Justin said...

i think this is my first time visiting. this stir-fry looks so simple, but I swear I could eat this kind of food every day.

My Asian Kitchen said...

yes it's..thanks!


thanks for dropping by:) hope to see you again soon:)

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