Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stir-fry Spicy Blue Crab with Ginger

I love crab so do my 4 year old daughter,Mishu.We both can eat a dozen of crab easily..Whenever crab season is here,I 'm sure grab some home with me .I prefer female crab coz it's has plenty of creamy egg..but unfortunately in the beginning of crab season, female crab do lack of egg.Hubby found eating crab with shell is nuisance and lack of meat not to said it's not satisfaction at all beside messy..But we both really enjoy the freshness and spicy of this dish..Too bad I can't find the big meaty crab like the one sell in Asia. All this while I just get live blue crab ,maybe in future I should try Dungeness Crab in my cooking. If I'm not lazy I like to use stir-fry method instead of steaming..Here is my simple Stir-fry spicy crab with ginger and soy sauce.


1/2 dozen blue crab,clean thoroughly and cut 1/2
2 tbsp oil
5 cloves garlic,peeled,and chopped
2 inch fresh ginger,peel and shredder
4 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sugar
7-8 pieces whole small dried pepper
1 stalk scallion,clean and cut 2 inch
1 stalk cilantro


1:Heat wok or large skillet at medium high heat with oil.Add in chopped garlic and shredder,fry until fragrant or lightly brown.Then add in dried whole pepper.Stir-fry for 30 second.
2:Add in clean crab,soy sauce and sugar,stir-fry and mix well ,cover with lid for 10 minutes.
3:Remove lid from the wok,increase heat to high ,stir-fry all the ingredients well..check the seasoning.Add in cut scallion and cilantro,use the spatula to whip the mixture together twice before dish out.
4:Serve warm immediately..


Angie's Recipes said...

wow 姜葱炒蟹!Don't remember when I last time ate those delicacy! Hard to get those seafood here.

Angie's Recipes

noobcook said...

How come blue crabs aren't blue? ;p I'm on braces now so I can only eat crabs after my braces are off. I can only drool at your delicious photo for now ;p

tigerfish said...

I love my Dungeness Crabs...steamed! :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

thanks! where is your hometown? maybe you can eat this delicacy when you visit your hometown..

ouch!! I know what you mean by having braces..I had braces twice and I know it's really painful:( trust me,before this crab cooked,it's shell was blue color!!

I take your words !! must get some next trip to chinatown!

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