Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Braised Gai Choy(Mustard Greens) with Duck

Oh boy!! I love this comfort food to heart:Braised Gai Choy Boey or Kiam Chai Boey!! I recalled when I lived in Malaysia,my mom would use leftover roast duck,roast pig or roast chicken after festival celebration or leftover from dinner tables to cook this yummy delicious hot and sour dish!! At that time I still didn't know how to appreciated this dish..Well,since living here for years ,there is zero chance for me to enjoy this hot and sour dish except to cook myself .The key ingredients to this dish is Assam Gelugor in Malay or Assam Pei in Chinese or Tamarind Skin in English.But to find Assam Gelugor is quite challenging!! Last week when I shop at Asian market in NYC ,I found Assam Gelugor/Assam Keping on the shelf and quickly grab 2 packets and continue to look for fresh gai choy(mustard greens).Of course mostly Asian market here always carry fresh Gai Choy!! I know I have 1/2 bird of braised duck in freezer.It's was given by a friend when she visit me weeks ago but I can't finish it all so I freeze it to use at one day.Now the one day has comes!! Viola.....Proud to present my Braised Kiam Chai Boey!!

1/2 birds of braised duck or you can use any leftover roast duck/chicken or pig head or feet..
3 lbs or more mustard greens (gain choy),washed and cut 2 inch
10 pieces or more Assam Gelugor/Assam Pei,washed and drained
13 pieces or more dried whole chili pepper,washed and drained
1/2 cup sugar or to taste
4 tbsp seasalt or to taste
2 cups water or more
6 cloves fresh garlic,peeled and chopped
2 inch old ginger,sliced
2 tbsp cooking oil
1:Heat a medium large stock pot with oil at medium high heat.Add in sliced ginger and garlic,fry until fragrant or lightly golden brown.Then add in whole dried pepper and assam gelugor together,lightly fry before add in mustard greens(gai choy) and braised duck into the stock pot.
2:Add in water and increase heat to high.When the stock is bubbly boil reduce heat to medium,add in salt and sugar to taste.Cover the pot with lid,let it's simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until the stock slightly thick and the greens changed to deep dark yellow green color .
3:Check the seasoning,(sourness,spiciness and saltines) before remove from heat.Dish out and serve warm with rice.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I like this too, my mum use to use the leftover meat to cook this, too bad, my kids doesn't appreciate it, so no chance for me to cook it at home. Anyway, you dish look delicious.

Sunshine said...

I lurve this dish too...yummy...my grandma used to make it..sob sob..miss this dish sooo muchh!!

sue said...

Oh Yeah, Lesley..this famous dish cooked with left overs with 'kai choy'..My favorite!!Funny, I was planning to cook this dish too..Every time I buy roast pork, the nice man always give me the roasted pork legs..I have 4 now, so time to cook 'Choy Kiok...:-)

Chris said...

Love this too except nobody else here would eat it! We can get the roasted pig legs for CAD2 each and it's perfect for this dish. Adding kiam-chye and the pickled plums(avail. in a jar) make it oh-so-yum! Sometimes, we add pak-choy as it is usually avail and cheap!

Bits said...

My favourite dish! I just ate for lunch! I should try this one day!

ICook4Fun said...

I love this dish. I can eat it everyday. The last time I cooked this was last year and Diana and I ate the whole pot ha ha.. I brought the asam keping all the way from Malaysia because we can't find it here. I have to check the asian store here and see if they have it.

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you:)

thank you,cook yourself one day soon!

yes this 'Choy Kiok'
is really food!! lucky you can get FREE roast pork leg.. can't wait for your posting!

me too I eat all by myself but it's Ok..coz I love it! didn't know we can add in pickled plum and pak choy! must use your tips next time when cooking this choy kiok!!

Bits of Taste:

Gert,next time you can get the assam pei at NYC Asian market no need to carry all the way from Malaysia..

petite nyonya said...

You are right, this is definitely comfort food. I first tried this when my late Aunt cooked it. Feel like eating it all over again.

Dawn said...

Kai choy is my favorite too. My whole family love this and when my parents cook this, they will make 2 big pots (especially after festivals) coz we eat just eat it as is. Mhm, instead of using assam pei, can it be replace by assam kor (the seeds)?

My Asian Kitchen said...

Nyonya pendak:
I miss my mom cooking but what to do...have to cook myself since I dying to eat this comfort food! since you like in Msia ,it's mush easier to get this dish.I understand some place sell economy rice do sell this dish,right?

oh yes,I eat as its!! walop the whole pot finish within 2 days! I don't think you can use assam kor for this dish..it's have different flavor and color..

petite nyonya said...

yes, yes, you are right..certain "chak fan" places in kl sell this dish too. but in s'pore so far i haven't seen it in any chak fan stall. maybe it's more popular in msia. talking abt it, i really feel like eating this dish now coz it's been a long time already since i had it. i'm such a glutton :D

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