Saturday, August 8, 2009

Curry Noodle Soup (Kari Mee)

I didn't realise I still have a pack of soft flat yellow noodle or it's called wonton noodle mee in my fridge. I would love to eat some hot and spicy food for this hot and humid weather. So here comes my idea of cooking curry mee soup!! Well,I guess you must think it's weird,why eat hot and spicy food in hot and humid summer weather,right? I dunno why,but I do I feel more appetizing eating hot and spicy food in summer but maybe I was born and raised in tropical /exotic country .We are so used to eat this kind of hot and spicy food at breakfast,lunch and dinner without question!! Anyway,I don't have to visit Malaysia restaurant in NYC to enjoy curry mee now!! I can make curry mee at home since I have one of the most important ingredient:sambal belacan paste !!

1 pack or tray raw of soft flat yellow noodle,6 pieces
5-6 tbsp sambal belacan paste ,if you like extra spicy add more
4 tbsp curry powder(Babas or Burung Nuri's brand preferable)
1 can coconut milk,400 ml
2 cup whole milk
1 cup water
2 large piece rock sugar or 3 tbsp sugar
2 cubes shrimp or chicken flavor bouillon
salt to taste
1 pack fried bean curds or tofu bok
200 gm chicken or pork,sliced
2 or more hard boiled egg,shelled and cut 1/2
1/2 lb shrimp,shelled and clean *optional*
crispy chili shrimp *optional* on side (Tean's or Delimas)
fried shallot for garnishing
handful of cilantro ,cut for garnishing *optional*
1:Prepared a 5 qtr or medium large stock pot at medium high heat with sambal belacan paste and curry powder first,mix well,then add in all ingredients(A) .Increase heat to high.When the stock is rolling boil add in slices pork or chicken,shrimp and fried bean curd or 1-2 minutes or till bubbly boil,check the seasoning . Reduce the heat to slow or remove the stock pot from heat .Do not over boil the stock..
2: Fill a small stock pot with some water at high heat,when the water is bubbly boil,place your desired amount wonton mee(yellow noodle) in the boil water for 40 second or 1 minute.Do not overcooked,the noodle tend to loose the elastic texture.
3:Meanwhile prepared a bucket of ice cold water for the cooked noodle.Quickly transfer the cooked noodle into the ice cold water for few minutes to shocked the process of cooking and maintain the elastic al-dente texture. Sieve and drain dry ,set on side.
4:Place a handful of cooked yellow noodle in a bowl.Microwave 1 minute at high heat,then dish out the curry stock into the cooked warm noodles,garnish with fried shallot ,hard boiled egg and cilantro.Serve warm with shrimp crispy chili on the side.


Angie's Recipes said...

The noodle soup looks so delicious.....I haven't tried to make noodle soup with curry, they must have tasted great!

Angie's Recipes

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Your curry mee look really tempting, can I have a bowl please..

Cindy Khor said...

it looks absolutely delicious, i think i would just buy the ready made curry paste from the shop as i'm too lazy to do my own... mee pok really makes the best noodly for curry..

My Asian Kitchen said...

thanks! yes it's really yummy!! try to make yourself,I bet you will love it!

Thanks! sure come here la..we can goyang kaki while enjoy this delicious curry mee:P

Thanks! if you can access to mee curry ready cooked,that the best,no need to slave ourself in kitchen for a bowl of curry mee*wink*

Sunshine said...

I wish to be your neighbor plsss.....Does your hubby and Mishu eats this?

My Asian Kitchen said...

hehehe!! Of course Mishu will join her mommy.She said "laa...laa tang" that mean spicy food! she keep asking for more after she tasted !Hubby said no thanks,enjoy!

Sunshine said...

You so lucky at least you have Mishu to eat your food with you.At what age did Mishu started curry? She seems to be enjoying her food!

My hubby said your curry looks yummy.LOL

dawn said...

Your curry looks yummy. I still dare not fry belachan on the grill. the angmoh neighbors will definitely be pointing the finger at me! Wish I live next to your house! Elliot don't take curry?

Beachlover's Kitchen said...

Thanks for your hubby kind words:) I start feeding Mishu spicy food when she started solid food!! yea..THAT young!! hahaha! atleast someone is sharing my homecooking/motherland food!

Eliot only take sweet curry ,not spicy at all...But non spicy curry is not a curry,I dunno how to cook...too bad we live far way...if not we can "goyang kaki" enjoy my cooking..don't worry what's your neighbour said,just make yourself happy like me! hehehe!

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