Friday, August 21, 2009

Gado-Gado (Salad wt Peanut Sauce)

I stored some leftover peanut satay sauce from last month in freezer. I plan to make gado gado with the leftover peanut sauce I had for compressed rice..Recently I shop at Asian market and looking for Tempe but unfortunately no Tempe can be found ,maybe I didn't open my eyes wide enough or ask around.Anyway,I bought regular firm tofu and plenty of fresh vegetable for this salad.Gado-gado is a traditional dish in Indonesian cuisine, and is comprised of a vegetable salad served with a peanut sauce dressing. Although it is to be eaten as a main meal, many Western countries describe it simply as a salad with peanut sauce.

I head broccoli,cut floret and blanched
1/2 lb mung bean sprout,clean and blanched
2 pieces firm bean curd(tofu) cut strip or cube and pan -fried
2 nos hard boiled eggs,cut halves
1 cucumber,peeled and shredder
1 small jicama(turnip or sengkung) ,peeled and shredder
1 carrot,peeled and shredder
1/2 lb snack bean or long bean,cut 2 inch and blanched
1 cup or more peanut satay sauce *I puree and re-heat peanut sauce before serve*
Yield for 2 person
Pour the peanut satay sauce over the vegetable(salad) platter and mix well before serve.
You can use any type vegetable of your favourite like cabbage,watercress,string bean,bitter melon or boiled potatoes. Hop over HERE for peanut sauce recipe!


sue said...

Oh Wow!..Lesley, Your gado-gado looks so , so good...I have not try this salad before, but I'm sure it taste very good..I love anything with satay sauce....Will try to make this...Thanks for the recipe....

Unknown said...

That looks really good! I have been wanting to try gado-gado for a while now. You just can't go wrong with a tasty peanut sauce.

pigpigscorner said...

I tried gado-gado in Bali and loved it! The peanut sauce makes it so delicious.

petite nyonya said...

Your peanut sauce looks really good. I've never tried making it before. I shld learn someday. I like gado-gado. And nasi himpit too!

My Asian Kitchen said...

thank you for your kind words:) I ensure you this salad wt peanut sc taste really good!! get the kick out of you!! try it you might like it!

oh yes !! Thanks Kev!! you must try this simple peanut salad!! i know you are good making asian food this day!!

I also tried gado gado in Bali ,given by a chinese Indonesia from Medan who migrate to Bali.We was at KUta beach and this family chit chat wt my mom in hokkien and gave us to try their food..but their gado gado is not spicy at all..

petit nyonya:
thank you for your kind words: yea ,you should try this salad,you might like this!

Recipeswap said...

I just love gado gado.I ate it when we went to Jakarta to visit my sister.Very well presented.

Anonymous said...

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