Monday, August 24, 2009

Kueh Dadar/Ketayap (Crepes wt Coconut Filling)

Kueh Dadar or Kueh Ketayap or Kueh Gulung are the same kueh ,just in different names only. Kuih or kueh a generic word in Malaysia for sweets and savoury "cakes". Kueh Ketayap or Dadar is a cylindrical shape kueh with caramelised grated coconut filling inside and a pandan flavor pancake skin wrapping it.This kueh are available almost everywhere at hawker stall,food court or vendor at night and morning market. If you miss Kueh Dadar and can't access easily at your place or country,why not make it yourself like me:) There is no hard to rule to follow when making this crepes at home.

Ingredients for Skin:
250 gm all purpose flour
1 tsp alkaline water (kan sui or air abu)*optional*
2 large eggs,beaten *optional*
2 cups water or plus extra
2 tsp pandan flavor essence
2 tbsp butter/oil for brushing

Ingredients for Filling:
2 cups white grated coconut
90g gula melaka(palm sugar) chopped
3-5 tbsp water
few pieces pandan leave,knotted(screwpine leaves)

1:Cook gula melaka (palm sugar) and water in a thick saucepan until syrupy.Add in grated coconut,pandan leaves and mix thoroughly.Keep stirring until thick or the syrup combine well with grated coconut.Dish out and set aside to cool.
2:Sieve flour and salt into a mixing bowl,set aside. Beat eggs with hand beater,gradually add in water ,flour mixture ,pandan flavor and alkaline water .Mix all ingredients till well combine ,then strain into another bowl.
3:Heat a 8 inch non-stick skillet/pan at medium low heat ,brush with some butter or oil.Pour a scoop batter in the pan,tilt pan quickly to form a thin pancake.Reduce the heat to low and cook until it's set.
4:Remove pancake from skillet and transfer to a plate or cutting board.Dish 1-2 tsp coconut filling in the center of the pancake,then roll up from inward ,then fold both sides inward and continue to roll up tightly like maki sushi.
5:Serve warm or cold as snack or dessert with tea or coffee.

If you can't find alkaline water,just omit this ingredient.Some people even omit eggs in the batter.As for the filling I omit the corn flour for thickening.. remember there is no hard to rule to follow when making this kueh !!


petite nyonya said...

Wah, your kuih dadar are so perfectly made! :D

dawn said...

wah lau, eh, i should just move to Long Island! :) Does your hubby eat this kueh? I bought some from the oriental store, he took a bite and gave me a face!

tigerfish said...

Lovely presentation :)

high over happy said...

This looks as good as I remember it :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

petite nyonya:
thank you for your kind words:)

aiyoo... no need to said lor,he just look,look and ask what it isiit and walk away la...hahaha!! don't worry u just sapu yourself ..come come ,when are you moving:p


high over happy:
thanks :)

Cakes | Kuih Guide said...

this is the first most perfect kuih dadar i've ever seen. its like kuih dadar on beauty lotion! LOL! i mean..too perfect!

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