Monday, August 17, 2009

Stir-fry Chinese Vegetable with Daikon in Garlic

Last week when I was shopping in Asian market,saw white radish on sale for $0.29 a pound.Grab 2 big roots of white radish,planning to make salmon sashimi bed but hubby want sushi instead.Well,since I shredder and soaked the radish I better use it before goes bad.White radish or Daikon is believed it's good for healthy obesity diet food,which has the function of clearing heat, detoxification, strengthening stomach, reducing phlegm, relieving a cough,smoothing Chi,defecation, creating saliva,anti-thirst and etc.Daikon or white radish contains more vitamin C than fruits,rich in vitamin A,vitamin B,Calcium,P,Iron.White radish contains many enzymes that help to digest.I also bought a bunch of Chinese vegetable.Sorry I dunno the scientific name but this vegetable is very fragile and soft..I understand people from North China loves this vegetable.

1 bunch Chinese green vegetable, about 2 lbs ,washed and cut
5 cloves garlic,peeled and chopped
2 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
1 handful of shredded and soaked white radish
2 tbsp cooking oil
salt to taste

1:Cut and washed green vegetable thoroughly,drained.
2:Heat large skillet with oil at medium high heat with garlic.Fry garlic until lightly golden brown,then add in washed vegetable, shredder white radish and chicken bouillon powder.
3:Stir-fry for 3-5 minutes (if you want the vegetable softer cook longer),add in salt to your taste,then dish out and serve warm.

White radish or daikon have stronger pungent taste,soak overnight in cold water,it's might help to reduce the pungent smell or flavor.


Angie's Recipes said...

You have been on a healthy diet!

Angie's Recipes

sue said...

Wow..looks good, Lesley, is it the 'Kai Choy' you are using in this dish? I love this vegetable, with a bit of bitter taste....

tigerfish said...

I thought that was noodles :p

ICook4Fun said...

I love Daikon but can't eat much of it. It always give me stomach problem. I never cook it this way. I only know how to make soup with it :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

not really but encourage daughter to eat veggie:P

this veggie is not gai's long in shape and light in green color not short and broad like gai choy!


at first I thought of making soup but it's too hot and humid,so I end up shredder better not getting daikon to cook if you have stomach's can be bitchy!!

Jo said...

Wonderful recipe! will try it out as I live near an asian market, ingredients won't be that hard to find. Thanks a lot!

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