Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Potato Huat Kuih/Fatt Koh

Most of the time when my mom chat with me over the phone(SKYPE) she will told me about her Huat Kuih/Fatt Koh result.She steamed huat kuih every 1st and 15th moon of Chinese calender for prayer on the alter.My mom was impressed with my first attempt steamed huat-kuih/fatt-koh/steamed-rice cake so I gave her my recipe.She tried my recipe many times but it's turn up something is miserable wrong especially the color texture..The pink color turn up to be maroon color.At first she thought it's must be the pink color manufacture problem,so I suggested to her to get food coloring from Bakery store instead of regular supermarket..I insisted she must get the product Made in Wilton..After she get her Made in USA red coloring,she tried steaming huat kuih again but the result is still the same.Darn!! The red color turn out brown color!! how come? I don't have that problem..Hmmm..we both cracking our head try to resolved the problem..My mom thought the problem must be the cooked syrup with pandan leaves!! So she decided to leave OUT pandan leaves when cooking her syrup..The outcome is still the same!! WHY?? I encouraged her to try again.So she boiled her water first then stir in the sugar,hope this method will work!! But it's fail miserably again !! The red color become Brown like palm sugar color!! OK..what next? She tried again but without boiling the water for her syrup,just use cold water and stir in sugar!!'s WORK!! the red coloring became RED not brown anymore!! I think it's the water in Malaysia..Told my mom we can drank the water from any pipe in USA ,no need to boiled down or filter first.It's better than Spring water in the bottle!! Now we know the culprit is H2O!! But let's me confirm our conclusion again! So I promised my mom I will steam huat kuih again but this time I decided to add sweet potato flour.The texture of this cake using sweet potato flour is really sticky and shinny..

125 gm,cold cooked rice
4 tbsp fermented sweet rice wine
1 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tbsp water

150 gm sugar,mixed with 2 cups (16 oz) water,boiled to dissolve sugar syrup,cooled
100 gm rice flour
200 gm sweet potato flour

1 tsp ENO
1 tsp double action baking powder
your favourite food coloring

1:Combine (A) in a clean glass container and cover with clean cloth.Keep aside and leave to ferment for 48 hours/2 days.**I only leave to ferment for 8 hours since the weather is hot and humid during summer.**
2:Pour fermented ingredients (A) into a blender,add 1/2 amount of sugar syrup and blend until smooth.Mix in rice flour and the remaining 1/2 amount of sugar syrup into the mixture.
3:Strain into a clean container,cover with clean cloth and leave to ferment for another 8-9 hours.*I leave it to ferment for 2 hours coz it's hot and humid.*
4:Add (C) except coloring if you intend to make more than one color into a mixing bowl,add fermented rice flour mixture and stir well.Then use different bowl to mix each coloring before pour into mould for steaming.
5:Pour mixture into small cups and moulds until full.Steam at high heat for about 15-20 minutes until cooked.
6:Remove cups and leave it cool before serve.
Yield about 15 cup medium large tea cup..About 20 cups in medium muffin cup.
It's proven the white is still white not light brown as my mom made..
I think sweet potato flour make this fatt koh texture and taste look like Malay KOH.. don't you said so?


petite nyonya said...

I like huat kuih & just like yr mom, my mom used to make for prayer purposes as well. But her version is the one which uses mashed sweet potato. I thk there are a few different versions of huat kuih. I like yr little red huat kuih. The color makes me wanna grab one & pop in the mouth!

sue said...

Wah Liao!...Lesley, your Huat Kuih looks so much better then the ones sold in M'sian markets..My Mom used to buy them for praying too...Maybe I should try to make them on Chinese New for my praying too...Thanks for the recipe...

Angie's Recipes said...

Very interesting! I haven't tried something like this before....

Angie's Recipes

Chibog in Chief said...

they are so cute to be eaten!! love them!!

My Asian Kitchen said...

NP Melaka:
Thank you:)
oh yes,next time I should try sweet mashed potato huat kuih..

no la not better than the one sell at market la..*blushing* but thanks for your kind have praying alter at home,Canada? salut lor!!

try this,it's not bad at all..Usually we chinese in Malaysia use to give get more properous and $$$!! hahaha!!

thank you:)

Jill said...

hey.. where u buy the sweet fermented wine? coz i couldnt find it at all.. pls do let me noe.. thanks alot..

Anonymous said...

what brand of sweet potato flour do you use

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