Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sesame Sweet Potato Ball wt Red Bean Paste

Recently I shop at another location farm market, I saw bundles of prepacked white skin sweet potato on sale for $1.00 each .I guess each package is about 5 pounds if not more..I like white skin ,yellow flesh sweet potato rather than orange flesh sweet potato because yellow flesh sweet potato have have the densest flesh of the genre and the lowest moisture content, making them a great masher. Yellow sweet potato have much less sugar ,not to said it's firmer and starchy than their orange fleshed sisters.As always I can't resist not to grab any good deal on the sale rack..Since this precious gem is on sale, I quickly grab 2 packages and dump in my shopping cart...I been cooking sweet potato sweet soup 番薯糖水 for awhile but still has plenty of sweet potato left sitting in the fridge. Well,what else to do with the rest of sweet potato? about another sweet dessert?

300 gm sweet potato
100 gm glutinous rice flour(sifted)
3 tbsp sugar
1 /2 can of red bean paste
1 cup raw white sesame seeds
1-2 cup oil for frying

1:Peel and cut sweet potato into small cube or slices.Prepare water in skillet or steamer.Steam sweet potato over high heat for about 20 minutes or until it's cooked.
2:Mash sweet potato well while it's still warm or hot. Then mix with glutinous rice flour and sugar.Leave it to cool slightly,then knead into dough.Divide into 10-20 equal portions or your preferred size.
3:Use your palm to flatten the dough and scoop into a bowl shape,fill with 1 tbsp red bean paste.Wrap sweet potato dough into a ball shape.keep repeat the same procedure until all dough finish.(I used red bean paste in can,it's not really well dry.If you used red bean paste which have dry body,you can shape the red bean paste in ball first before wrap with sweet potato)
4:Sprinkle some water over sweet potato ball before coat with raw sesame seeds evenly.set aside.
5:Heat fryer or deep skillet with oil at low heat,deep fry sesame balls until golden brown,dish out to paper towel to drain the excess oil before serve warm with tea or coffee.(When deep frying make sure the oil is not too hot and stir constantly,if not the paste can burst open easily)


ICook4Fun said...

I love this!! I bought two of the white sweet potato from Chinatown on Tuesday and guess what it went bad by yesterday. I was so upset and I paid $1.79 a pound for it. I don't like the orange color kind because they were too soft.

Nat LD said...

YUM!!! I'm so going to make this!! It looks healthy-ish too! Talk about being guilt free when eating sweet stuff! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!!

tigerfish said...

I love this when piping hot. Only can get this fix with some dim sum restaurants over here, but sometimes they don't come piping hot! :o

My Asian Kitchen said...

Gert,some of my sweet potato also go to trash know me I'm so greedy bought too much but can't finish all by myself..I know the yellow flesh sweet potato is quite pricy,right?

Nat LD:
Thank you for dropping by:) Hope you enjoy the recipes posted.See you again soon!

where can find this kuih pipping hot? for me I just use microwabe lor!!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I did this sesame ball before, but find this is not an easy task, especially when fill in the filling and wrap it. But you have nicely done this, well done !!

petite nyonya said...

You're so steady! I love to eat this, esp with a cup of chinese tea! If only you're my neighbor... :D

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

I love this! It's amazing when served hot. Yummilicious!

mycookinghut said...

I love this... I know there's a version with peanuts and sugar, no?

My Asian Kitchen said...

your are right ,it's not easy to wrap the skin especially mine is too soft coz I add more sweet potato than rice flour.I prefer a thinner skin but what to do as long as the filling don't leak out I'm happy!! thank you:)

petite nyonya:
thank you:p mana ada steady?..just want to makan so have to make myself..mari mari tarik bangku then and we can"yam char" together at my deck:)

The Little Teochew:
Thank you:)

yes,I like the peanut wt sugar one too...usually the skin is make from rice flour only ,plus the skin must be very thin!!

Foodeater said...

Yum, I love these! I pick them up at the local Japanese bakery. You make it looks so easy :)

gaga said...

My dad sneaks these behind my mom's back all the time. I bet he'd love it if I made it for him (but my mom would be mad - lol)

Unknown said...

Those sesame balls look and sound so good!

Unknown said...

yummy! yummy! this is my favorite one and I usually got them from Korean I can make it my own with ur wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing!!!

Fiona said...

I tried this recipe out today, but it was so difficult. The skin all burst and doesnt stick very well together even when I was wrapping the red bean paste? What do you think I did wrong? I fry it anyway, but after a long time the balls did not turn golden brown at all. How long did you have to try it for?

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