Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eel Roll (Unagi Maki)

I recalled years ago when my friends invited me to eat roasted eel sushi for the first time,I said yucky and gross!! But after the first bite I fell in love with roasted eel. I can't get enough of roasted eel but having eel sushi at Japanese restaurant is quite pricey,right? Luckily we can easily get roasted eel in vacuum pack in any Asian market here with affordable price. I always store few packets of vacuum eel in freezer so I can make eel sushi anytime if my mood strike me. All I need is a bottle of ready make eel sauce ,roasted eel,some rice,nori ,some cream cheese and cucumber!! taa...dah!! Eel maki ready in minutes!

For making su-meshi/ vinegared rice
1 cup calrose rice/sushi rice
2 tbsp mixed sushi vinegar
1/4 cup water
For 2 Rolls-
2 pieces(2 packets) of roasted eel,remove plastic and toast in toaster for 5 minutes,sliced
4 oz -1 box cream cheese (cut strip)
2 sheet seaweed paper/nori
1 cucumber,peeled and shredded
some roasted sesame seed
eel sauce

1:You need a nori sheet,place nori sheet stretching from you.Make sure you place the nori dull side facing upwards.
2:Spread the vinegared rice out evenly over the nori sheet .Using one hand to prevent rice spilling over the end of sou paper,gently press down the rice with fingertips of your other hand.
3:Leave about 2 inch free on the far side,and 3/8 inch free on the side nearest to you.
4:Spread cut roasted eel,cream cheese and cucumber and some sesame seeds on the rice on nori sheet facing you in oblong shape.(Add in some mayo or rice to hold all ingredients together in case it's fall apart)5:Firmly roll up from the end nearest you,taking care not to squeeze out the contents
6:Firmly hold the bamboo mat to roll up.
7:Use sharp knife to cut into 6 or 8 pieces and arrange the roll on the plate. Brush some eel sauce before serve with some wasabi and soy sauce.


Angie's Recipes said...

Lucky you always surrounded with such delicious food!

mycookinghut said...

My god... this is my fav, man!

Wendy said...

They are so beautiful! Make me want to go to the market to buy the ingredients right away.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

This look really pro, like those selling outside, well done.

Anshika said...

I have also been skeptical about tasting sushi and still I am. But the toll looks tempting.

My Taste Heaven said...

unagi is my all-time favourite.
it's delicious!!

My Asian Kitchen said...

hehehe!1 thanks!

oh yes!! love it! if you come to NY,let me make some for you,ok?

Thank you for dropping by:) yes making ourself is cheaper than buying from the restaurant,right?

thank you:0 mana ada Pro!!!,just learning long as it's taste good that matter,right?

try it,you will not regrats ,trust me,it's really yummy!!

my taste heaven:
thank you:)

Anonymous said...

I Luv Unagi Maki, but never had cream cheese in it. I think it sounds gross with the cream cheese.

arbpen said...

Wow! This is something I truly love. My mother had a horror story of how she was frightened when she saw an eel on the counter my grandmother was getting ready to prepare. I grew up hating eel, and it wasn't until I went to a sushi place and tasted it that I fell in love. Thanks for the recipe!

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