Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tofu (Bean Curd) with Tilapia Fish

Don't we all Asian or Chinese love tofu(bean curd)? I guess mostly Chinese like to eat tofu not only because it's healthy,nutritious but it's easy and simple to cook into any meal.I also mixed some boneless chicken with tofu beside tilapia.This tofu and boneless tilapia fish is really wholesome and delicious .


4 pieces frozen boneless tilapia,thawed
1 piece boneless chicken,cleaned and cut
1 block or box soft silken tofu,cut into 8 pieces
2 tbsp chicken bouillon powder
soy sauce to taste
1 cup water
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp ground pepper powder
3 cloves garlic,peeled and chopped
3 tbsp corn flour + 2 tbsp cold water
1 stalk scallion,washed and cut
some sesame oil


1:Heat skillet with oil at medium high heat ,add garlic fry until fragrant ,add in water,cut boneless chicken and seasoning.
2:When the water rolling boil add in corn flour mixture into ,slowly stir the flour mixture well.Add water if it's too dry or necessary.Place tilapia into the gravy for 1-2 minutes,then place cut tofu into the skillet as well for 1 minutes.Check the seasoning.Drizzling with some sesame oil and scallion.
3:Carefully dish out the tofu and fish,serve warm with rice.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

simple and nice

Unknown said...

incidently, i just steamed tofu with tilapia fish too

tigerfish said...

Wow, this is protein-packed!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you:0

hehehe!~ aunty lily have the same sense:)

hehehe!! is

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