Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fried Turmeric Chicken

I recalled when I lived in Malaysia I love to get Fried turmeric chicken with mixed rice from Malay's hawker stall.I still can remember the fragrant of freshly fried turmeric chicken smell by just thinking about it.Well to kill my craving I decided to fried turmeric chicken at home since I can't just step out to get fried turmeric chicken at any hawker stall here.Basically I just seasoning this chicken with seasalt,turmeric powder,ground pepper powder,sugar and some ground fresh chili(sambal). I bought pre-cut thigh for this dish but you can use and part of chicken to your preference.If you like turmeric spices flavour this recipe might suit you!

6 pieces chicken thigh,cleaned and washed
2-3 tbsp turmeric powder
2 tbsp sea-salt
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp ground white pepper powder
1 tbsp finely ground fresh chili(sambal)*optional*
enough oil for deep frying
1:Seasoning cleaned chicken thigh with turmeric,sugar,ground pepper,sea-salt and ground chili in large container for 2-3 hours or longer.
2:Heat oil in fryer or deep skillet at medium high.When oil hot enough,placed chicken into and fry for 20 minutes or until cooked.To check if the thigh is done cooked or not,pierce a chop stick or bamboo stick thoroughly into it.If still have fresh blood fusing out,fry again until cook.Do not overcrowded the fryer.
3:Dish chicken out from fryer and place on a paper towel to drain off the excess oil.
4:Serve chicken warm with rice or as snack.


pigpigscorner said...

oo yes I remember this too, so tasty!

Kate/Kajal said...

Oh wow this looks delicious. Specially like the sound of sambal in it. Have to try it !

tigerfish said...

I usually like to grill/roast my chicken with my own marinade which has turmeric! :)

noobcook said...

loved your Malay-style fried chicken. the marinade sounds good!

petite nyonya said...

wah, i love ANYTHING with kunyit. chicken, potatoes etc. yum yum! i can't wait to cook this!

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

I love using tumeric for my dishes and your fried chicken really got me drooling !

Dawn said...

Lesley, this is my favorite know when I pulled your blog up, saw the chicken, I was swallowing saliva already!!! Have to make an effort to make this chicken this weekend.

My Asian Kitchen said...


I guess we Asian love spicy sambal ,right?

tigerfish: you remind me to make some in oven since it's frezzing cold now.Use oven to heat up my kitchen too.Kill 2 birds wt 1 stone!!


petite nyonya:
potato?hmmm,maybe I should cook some wt potato too!! thanks!

Thank you:)

hahaha!! hope you make this dish this weekend .enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe. However will omit sugar and the's for my tiny tots. :)

Amigo said...

Thanks for the recipe. Mine turned out really salty so I will probably omit the salt next time round. Smells absolutely wonderful though.

Unknown said...

Very salty! Must reduce to 2 teaspoon instead!

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