Thursday, February 4, 2010

Homemade Pineapple Tart

Chinese New Year is around the corner but I didn't start any baking until yesterday .I guess since living in US and A with limited friends and relatives,to celebrate Chinese New Year is no-exist for me.Furthermore ,Chinese New Year is not an official holiday here but still many ethnic Chinese who live in Chinatown will hold large celebrations like Dragon dance , buy presents, decoration, material, food, and clothing.I was surprised this year Chinese New Year fall on the same day as Valentine Day.Well since Chinese New Year begins according to the Chinese lunar calendar which consists of both Gregorian and lunar-solar calendar systems,no wonder it's will fall as the same day as Valentine Day! This year I didn't bake or make lot of cookies or cake..I recalled last year I used ready mix pineapple flour and pineapple filling for pineapple tart but this year I decided to make pineapple filling and dough from scratch.To my surprised the outcome is really amazing .It's much better than the one I bought from bakery store! Actually making pineapple filling and dough yourself is not really hard.It's cost efficient and easy ,not to said it's really delicious,full of exotic pineapple flavor! Happy Baking!

Dough Ingredients:
2 sticks(250 gm)unsalted butter,room temperature( or margarine )
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3 egg yolks
2 cups all purpose flour
4 tbsp corn flour
1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp water for brushing

2 fresh pineapple,peeled ,removed eyes and grated or blend until fine
2 cups sugar
1/4 tsp pineapple essence
1:Peel the pineapples, dig out the eyes and chop into chunks before blend or grated.Place grated pineapple into a large stock pot and cook at medium heat until almost dry.Stir constantly ,add in sugar stirring often until it is thicken.Add sugar as sweet as you desire.The jam is done when the pineapple mixture has changed color from bright yellow to brownish ochre and most of the liquid has evaporated, leaving a dense but moist jam.Remove from heat and let it cool completely.
2:Sieve (B) in a bowl and set aside.Beat (A) in mixer until creamy and light.Add in (B) into (A),mix well to form into a smooth dough.
3:Prepare parchment paper over baking sheet.Use your desire mould to shape the tart from the dough and press out the pattern.
4:Take a scant teaspoon of pineapple jam (more or less, as desired) and form a ball, then press into the hollow of each tart. Pat the sides of the jam to create a small dome.Or scoop 1/2 tsp filling onto the center of the shape dough before roll up.Repeat the same procedure until all dough done.
5:Preheat oven to 350 F.Brush yolk mixture on the dough .Bake for 15-20 or until lightly golden brown. Remove cookies from sheets and cool on a rack.
two different two of shape
I didn't cook the pineapple filling dry enough so when it's comes out of oven the filling smear all over the parchment paper


Pete said...

Look lovely and tasty too!

ann low said...

WOW! beautiful :)

noobcook said...

they look fab! actually I don't really like CNY so I'll be happy not to celebrate it haha

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Oh your tarts are lovely ! You saved a big deal for baking these yourself

Little Corner of Mine said...

Great job! You started on your CNY bakes, well pineapple tart is good enough. I also baked my last batch of pineapple tarts yesterday, the last of CNY cookies in fact, glad that I don't have to make anymore CNY cookies. :P But I'm thinking of making some bak kwa (still thinking whether to make or not...).

mycookinghut said...

I didn't bake.. don't have the time. Mayb will try after CNY.. it's too late to bake for CNY :(

pigpigscorner said...

They are beautiful! I'm currently baking my first batch of butter cookies =)

The Sudden Cook said...

Can't wait to sample all the CNY goodies. Love tarts.This recipe looks great!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Your pineapple tarts is so beautiful...

tigerfish said...

Hahah...I'm worse...I never even bake anything. I'm also not celebrating in any fancy way...

Like wiffy, not a fan of CNY either.

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Golden and beautiful!

Charmaine said...

Looks fantastic. At least you made something for CNY. I've decided not to bake this year. No mood for CNY. Kung Hei Fatt Choy to Mishu, hubby and you.

petite nyonya said...

here's an early wish "kung hei fatt choy". i love pineapple tarts and these look just wonderful. i didn't bake anything at all this year. too busy!

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for dropping by:)

Thank you:)

Thank you,why don't like CNY? I thought all chinese is looking forward for this special festival.

thank you...erhh...actually I bake for fun...

thank you!! wow!! wanted to make bak kua? I never try bak kua yet,must involve lot of work,huh?

thanks! no need to bake just for yourself .Ask Arnaud to buy for you in London Chinatown,save time ma..

Thank you...looking forward your butter cookies posting!

the sudden cook:
Thank you for dropping by and thank you for your kind words:)

somewhere in Singapore:
thank you for dropping by and thanks for your kind words:)

why la don't like to celebrate CNY? coz U have to give out "ang pow"? hehehe! when I was younger not married yet,I love CNY but after married different story now! lol!

The Little teochew:
thank you:)

thank you and "kong hei fatt Choy" to you and family too..

Petite nyonya:

thank you and "kong hei Fatt choy" to you and family..

Food For Tots said...

You're right. Homemade pineapple tarts are definitely much better than those sold at the bakery store. Yours look beautiful! Too busy to bake any CNY cookies except for my pineapple rolls. Will be back to KL this week. ;)

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