Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nian Gao/ Kuih Bakul

First of all ,I would like to wish all my dear readers,friends and family a "Happy Chinese New Year" or "Gong Xi Fah Zai" and Happy Valentine Day!! May this coming Tiger year bring more luck and more $$$ to you!! Don't forget to get and gave extra love during this coming VD!! Well, actually I don't intend to make nian gao for this CNY but I suddenly remember that I have to visit friends during this festival,so nian gao is a good gift to give ,right? Yesterday was my 2nd attempt making nian gao but this time I wonder why the surface is not smooth,maybe it's the heat or the container or the banana leave problem? I remember last year I didn't line banana leave over the pan and the surface is better than this time..Well what is the reason? hmmm... Anyway...the nian gao still taste good and texture is not bad at all..Check out my 1st attempt nian gao HERE!!


600 gm sugar
600 ml water
600 gm glutinous rice flour (sifted)
3 tbsp cooking oil


1: Dissolve 300 gm sugar in a dry pot over low heat till it caramelizes.( Do not stir).Add 300 ml of water and mix well.
2: Add the remaining sugar into the mixture,stir constantly till the sugar dissolves.Set aside to cool completely. Prepare large pot or steamer with water for steaming at high heat.Steam banana leave to get softer body, cut or trim banana leaves before place banana leave as liner over aluminum pan .
3:Combine glutinous rice flour and the remaining water.Add caramel on glutinous rice flour mixture together in a large bowl to incorporate until smooth.Whisk the mixture if possible.If it's too dry add in extra 50 ml water.Sieve the mixture ,to remove lump and bubble build up.
4: Pour batter into aluminum pan to 3/4 full.( Do not fill to the rim as the batter might overflow when steaming)
5:Place aluminium pan in the steamer when water has boiled.Steam over high heat for 30 minutes .Then reduce heat to medium and steam for another 30 minutes. Increase time for steaming if making bigger cake.
6:Remove cooked nian gao from steamer and let it's cool down completely before remove banana leaves from the nian gao.

in steamer


Angie's Recipes said...

That's a perfectly steamed glutinous rice cake.

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Your nian gao looks fabulous! I wouldn't dream of making this. ;) Happy New Year to you and all at home!!


mycookinghut said...

So long I haven't had nian gao... i wish you 虎年好运!万事如意!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I will get to eat the steamed nian gao at auntie Lily's house. Hehehe... It's great that you made your own, I just baked mine.

Happy Lunar New Year and have a sweet Valentine's Day!

Big Boys Oven said...

walio you even got to make on, I just bought twwo medium size early this morning at the market with my mum! :)

Tuty said...

I am glad to see this recipe because many recipes stated 4 hours steaming time using regular steamer. My house will turn into a sauna with 4 hours steaming. :-)

Happy Chinese New Year

ICook4Fun said...

Wishing you and your family Keong Hee Huat Chai and may the year of Tiger brings you happiness, health and wealth.

Food For Tots said...


tigerfish said...

Any leftovers to fry with egg? ;p

Unknown said...

happy new year

--SheKishVish-- said...

hey there!

happy new year to you... I am a Malaysian residing in CA. I have been here for 4 years now and I too have a blog, where I post pictures (only recipes!) of the dishes of home I cook here in CA :)

Actually, I linked up your blog to mine quite some time back and just thought of letting you know that i enjoy your blog :)

If there is thing common about Malaysians living abroad - it has got to be the way we miss our Malaysian food :)


noobcook said...

This reminds me to buy some nian gao before the end of CNY.

Happy New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you guys for your well wishes and Happy Chinese New year to you and family too!!

Anonymous said...

hey hey, i'm just thinking that the surface is probably not smooth because the steamed water dropped on top of it when it's cooking so maybe you'll find out ways to solve that problem. but as long as it's yummy, who cares. ^^

Anonymous said...

I;m craving for this right now. this recipe will do. lots of thanks!

Anonymous said...

can u give some receipes using kuih bakul?

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