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Char Keoy Teow with See Ham(Cockle)炒粿条

Finding fresh cockles(see ham) in US and A is not really easy. I guess the demand for this species is not really great here.You won't find fresh cockles or it's called blood cockles anytime in any local market as easy as in countries like Asia.During summer I found few Asian market in Chinatown do sell fresh blood cockles but it's really pricey!! a pound with shell for $6.99 or higher!! Yes ,of course I bought a pound or two whenever I see the fresh cockles in season since I miss and craving for it..Well,now I don't have to wait for summer to eat fresh cockles.These day we can find fresh cockles in frozen section in Asian market .It's as good as the one that just fish out from water..We can just eat fresh cockles as it's or use it when fried keoy teow..There is a famous Malaysia restaurant in Flushing,New York who have Cockle Char Keoy Teow in their menu.I like this restaurant because the chef who make this dish know how to make this dish taste so delicious with his skill to cook this dish with wok hei 镬气..Well whenever I visit Flushing I'm sure drop by at this restaurant to order this special noodle dish but unfortunately travelling to Flushing is quite a fuss with limited parking and traffic all the time,not to said getting summon ticket is as easy as ABC!! So solve my craving I decided to cook Cockles Char Keoy Teow at home.Yoo.....hoo!! the taste really close to the one sold at the restaurant but still lack of wok hei!! well,beggar can't be choosy ,right?

2 sheets fresh rice flat noodle (chow fun) cut 1 inch
1 pack or 1 lb fresh cockles,shelled
5-6 fresh garlic,peeled and chopped
2 Chinese sausage,soaked before removed skin and sliced
1/2 lb minced meat
300 gm pork,sliced
10 shrimp,shelled and deviened
1 lb mung bean sprout,washed
1/2 Chinese chives,washed and cut 2 inch
5 eggs
some cut Thai's bird chilies
2 tbsp oil

2 tbsp premium soy sauce or to taste
1 tbsp caramel thick soy sauce or to taste
2 tbsp oyster sauce or
1 tbsp ground white pepper powder

1:Heat large aluminum skillet or wok at high heat.(To get better wok kei,don't use non-stick skillet).Add in sliced Chinese sausage,fry sausage lightly brown ,remove to a plate.Then add oil and eggs,scramble ,do not over fry,still retain moist remove eggs to the plate.
2:Add in oil and chopped garlic,fry until fragrant,then add in minced meat and sliced pork,fry for 1 minute before add in cut chow fun.Try to use chop stick or toss the noodle with spatula to prevent the noodles from getting mushy or disintegrate.
3: Add in all the seasoning,keep tossing the noodle well or for 5 minutes.Use spatula to moved the noodle to one aside.Add in shrimp and cook before add in cooked eggs ,cut Thai's chilies,cockles and Chinese sausage together.(do not overcooked cockles)
4:Toss in Chinese chives and bean sprout into the cooked noodle,mix well.Do not over cooked bean sprout.Immediately remove noodle from heat.
5:Serve warm immediately.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

can I have some please? look so good.

Wendy said...

It looks so beautiful and professional. My noodles always stick to the wok. I hate to add a lot of oil to the dish. Any suggestions?

ICook4Fun said...

CKT will not taste good without the 'see ham' I had my load of it here but will be flying home in a couple of days. I am going to miss this dish :(

petite nyonya said...

this looks delicious! the more seeham the better!

ann low said...

WOW! Looks so delicious and very professional. Not easy to fry CKT.

Anna said...

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I would like to share our recipes and links. Please let me know what do you think about it?
Grazie e ciao! Anna

mycookinghut said...

yummmm.. char keoy teow!! extra chili please!

noobcook said...

your char kuey teow looks really good - it's one of my fave local delights. gosh I didn't know ham so expensive in US :P

lillily's wai sek hong said...

how lucky to get fresh see ham. i see only frozen ones in the asian stores here

3 hungry tummies said...

I found a place in Melb here that sells see hum but fairly expensive too. your dish looks good! Following you too!

Anonymous said...


where is this place in flushing? is it M or CL? CKT without see ham has no kick. :)

Chris said...

Hi! Was that frozen cockles u used? Even if u used fresh, pls advise how to prepare them eg defrost? any need to scald in hot water before removing shells? Thx!

MaryMoh said...

This looks like Penang Char Kway Teow. Looks very delicious. I miss cockles. Wish I can find it here! They are so good with fried kway teow.

Big Boys Oven said...

wow this is awesome! lovely, I had cockle thai salad a day ago! heheheh just adore cockle!

tigerfish said...

Wow! can find fresh blood cockles, not bad!

Dawn said...

Wow, yours look so good. The CKT I fried were in pieces...not in strands anymore....used chopsticks and spatula too. Think it's not enough wok hei.

My Asian Kitchen said...

hehehe! sure...thanks!

Thank you for your kind words..I think fresh chow fun will stick to wok..Usually I store my chow fun in fridge and use the next day..Just microwave after cut strip,don't wash with water...Try this method...maybe it will work for you..good luck!

hahaha!! Gert,don't worried comne to Flushing to have see ham fan if you are craving for it!! still remember the place we went for this dish?

petite nyonya:
Thank you:) yes the more the better!

Thank you:) yes it's not easy to stir fry keoy teow...

Thank you for dropping by and your kind words..I will drop by by your blog later! cioa!

lol!! yes pls more chili!!

Thank you:) yes see ham is really expensive only can find in certain asian market only

I use frozen see ham here but it's look good huh? yes during summer fresh see ham is avaliable in Asian market...lucky for us who live near NYC:)

3 hungry tummy:
thank you:) well I guess if the demand for see ham is not great the price is quite expensive no matter where it's,right?

If you know where is Curry Leave Malaysia restaurant in Flushing then it's easy to look for the see ham fun place..It's the same block as CL but all the way at the end of the block..just across the park where the bus station to Foxwood's called Malaysia Restaurant..let me know if you still can't find it..

yes I used frozen cockles.I just thawed the see ham and use spoon to open b4 scoop the fleshout! no need to use hot water !! you will cook the see ham if you use hot water!

My Asian Kitchen said...

mary moh:
Thank you for your kind words:)

cockles thai's salad? hmmm sound interesting!! maybe you can show me where can I get that dish when I come back to KL...hmmm?

oh yes, we can get anything here as long as money is not the object! hahaha!!

thank you:) I think practise make prefect right? well why don't you use aluminum skillet,it's have better heat to make your CKT taste better than non-stick wok..

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