Friday, March 19, 2010

Sambal Udang (Spicy Prawn)

I believed sambal udang is a nyonya dish ,correct me if I'm wrong.It's literally translate to English as spicy prawn .I remember when I was young and lived in Kayel with my grandmother and mom ,both of them love to cook this dish occasionally.Both of them are from Penang island and it's understandable most of the time they cook all their soul nyonya food . At that time I still don't really understand that sambal udang or all the food they cooked is Nyonya food.Every weekend my grandmother will make one special dish for the whole family..It's either Otak Otak,Achat,Prawn Mee,Assam Laksa,Popiah,Steam Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken and etc..I wish I learn from my grandmother how to make or what is in the recipe but at that time I don't know how to appreciated the *jewel* food she prepared for us..I recalled my grandmother told us to pick young betel leave from her backyard when she want to make otak otak or make us shelled shallot or prawn when she want to make prawn mee and we really hate that kind of chores.Of course ,what you expect 8 or 10 years old kid know or appreciated.We only know how to eat yummy delicious food not slaving our self in kitchen for hours peeling this and that.They really make all their food from scratch not like today we can just buy the paste from supermarket shelf and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.Even though many years has pass but I still remember vaguely how my mom make this kind of dish.One of this dish is Sambal Udang! FYI my 87 year old grandmother is still very much alive but unfortunately she lost all the cooking touch. Anyway mine version of sambal udang is slightly off from my mom or grandmother, I guess..but it's still acceptable accordingly to me!! hahaha!

1 lb large shrimp or prawn,shelled and deviened*you can use medium size*
15 shallot,peeled
10 red long chili
5 cloves garlic
100 gm dried pepper(soaked overnight)* add extra if you like extra spicy*
1 tbsp salt
1/2 cup oil
2 tbsp belacan granulated*I fried from fresh belacan*
2 tbsp tamarind powder
5-6 tbsp sugar or to taste
salt to taste
1/2 cup water ,plus extra if necessary

1:Blend (A) in blender or pound until fine.Prepared deep skillet or wok with some oil an medium at high heat.Add blended sambal paste,sauteed for 15 minutes or until oil floated on surface.
2:Add in clean shrimp into the sambal paste follow by (B).Sauteed for 10 minutes or until shrimp cook.Do not over cook shrimp,it will get tough and hard.
3:Check the seasoning before remove from heat.Serve with rice or noodle.


ann low said...

WOW! This really makes me mouth watering with the prawns in it.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Wor, this is my all time favourite, eat with Nasi Lemak, heavenly !

MaryMoh said... top favourite...prawns!! I love sambal udang....just so good with rice. I have to cook this....mmmm

noobcook said...

I love anything sambal and spicy. This looks great ^^

ICook4Fun said...

I am salivating over my keyboard now :) Wish I can have some with rice now.

Cheah said...

Wow this is such an appetising dish, great with nasi lemak or roti canai.

Dawn said...

I have an idea now how to make use of the shrimps i have in the freezer.

My mom and grandma cooks this dish all the time too, and otak-otak - so delish. my sister makes achat all the time - she said like a diet food for her coz all veggies! :) only my sister picked up all the nyonya/hakka/canto cooking skills from my grandma, mom, aunt and dad.

MamaFaMi said...

Looks lovely and I bet it tastes lovely as well and especially nice if eaten with nasi lemak... mmmm....

p/s : I've tried your Korokke recipe. It's just scrumptious! I hope you won't mind me sharing the recipe with others ya. Thanks Les...

tigerfish said...

Looks very appetizing *swallows own saliva*

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you:)

sama sama here^-^




thank you for dropping by and hope to see you again!

Hope you like the idea and enjoy it!

Thank you for your kind words..Yes I don't mind sharing and hope you enjoy it:)

hahaha! thanks!

Dawn said...

Thanks for this recipe...great idea for our dinner on Tuesday....2 thumbs up from hubs.

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