Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Roast Pork and Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup 云吞面

I like wonton noodle or we called wonton mee .I like my wonton mee with shrimp wonton and roast pork(叉烧)..Usually wonton mee sold in Chinese restaurant here (USA) doesn't come with roast pork(char sui) unless you order from Malaysia restaurant.Mostly Chinese restaurant here owned by people from China,Taiwan or Hong Kong.I guess their version of wonton mee come with shrimp wonton (dumpling) only not with 叉烧(roast pork).I recalled when I was in Hong Kong,I ordered Wonton Noodle in broth and dry version one portion each but to my surprised both order doesn't come with roast pork or cut marinated chili!! ..When I asked for cut marinated chili,the server gave me chili oil which doesn't goes well with wonton mee.Anyway long story short,I make my own homemade-roast-pork-char-siu so I decided to make some wonton noodle since I have plenty if roast pork(叉烧) available.These days making your own wonton mee at home is so easy and convenience,just get wonton broth seasoning that make the base soup and ready make wonton at any Asian market.Hooray!! You can have a nice,hot and delicious bowl of wonton noodles soup in no time!!

6 pieces raw wonton noodle
1 lb petit green mustard,washed throughly
1 cup or more sliced roast-pork-(char-siu)
1 pack or 1 lb fish ball,cut halve

The Broth:

4 sachets wonton seasoning
5 liter water
1 tbsp ground white pepper
2 tbsp sesame oil
salt to taste

Shrimp Wonton:
20 sheet wonton wrapper
20 large shrimp,peeled and cleaned
some water or one egg to seal

For garnishing:
some cut scallion
some fried onion
some cut chili with soy sauce


1:Wrap shrimp wonton ahead of time.Use one shrimp in a sheet of wonton.Seal the edges with water or egg wash.
2:Prepared medium stockpot with water at high heat.When water rolling boil place 2 wonton noodle into the boiling water.Use chop stick and spider sieve to remove the coil of noodle into loose noodles in about 1-2 minutes.Remove cooked noodles immediately to a bucket or bowl of cold running water ,then sieve into a bowl,set aside.(you will have al dente noodles instead of soggy and over cooked noodle)
Use the same stock pot to cook shrimp dumpling in about 2-3 minutes or until cooked,sieve and set aside.Do not over cooked!! Use the same pot to blanch green mustard and fish ball,sieve and set aside.
3:Meantime,use a medium stock pot with water at high heat.Add in wonton seasoning ,sesame oil and ground pepper powder.Check the seasoning when the soup rapid boil.Reduce the heat to low.
4:Place cooked wonton in boiling stockpot for 1-2 minutes,immediately sieve to a serving bowl,garnish with cooked shrimp wonton ,fish ball,green mustard and roast-pork-char-siu.Scoop some hot broth into the bowl,garnish with green scallion,fried onion and serve immediately with cut chili.


MaryMoh said...

I really miss this. Used to eat this alot when back home. I must cook this soon.

tigerfish said...

You are right - hard to find shrimp wonton and char siu in wonton noodles in the US :(

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

this look exactly like those sell outside, i feel so hungry now, hehehe..

Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) said...

I have made pork wonton soup before but it did not come out looking this beautiful. I will have to try your recipe next time.

noobcook said...

Yummy! I've not tried wonton mee with 叉烧 before but it looks good nevertheless :p

Sweet P said...

whoo! this reminds me of my childhood in hk. must try this recipe out :) where do you find ur wonton soup mix?

mycookinghut said...

Wow... what a good bowl of wonton noodle!!

lishapisa said...

mmmmmm talk about comfort food....
my lunch time coming up, cant make it but can order! but i'm sure one day i will have time to make it. Lovely Picture.
Going to order Yut Woun "Char Siu Wanton Mein" ...em goi sai

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you ladies for your wonderful comment:)

Sweet P:
Thanks for dropping by:) you can get wonton condiment in any Asian market.Knorr do have wonton seasoning in can but if you can't find Knorr,maybe you can get the seasoning in sachet but it's Made in China.Hope this help! good luck!

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