Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gingko Nut and Bean Curd Soup

I love any type of "tong sui" a.k.a sweet soup..but rarely make it often because I'm the only one who going to eat it.But since I bought few prepacked clean gingko ,still sitting in my fridge I better make some sweet desert soup for myself..Gingko nut has a high starch content and is low in fat.The fruit of the ginkgo tree are plum-like.It is thought these trees originated in Northern China and are so old they are referred to as 'living fossils;' it has been said they watched the dinosaurs roam the earth.These nuts are widely used in Asian cookery.Ginkgo nuts are used in soups, stuffings, desserts, dishes containing meat and poultry, and vegetarian dishes, as well.Recently I heard mostly the tree planted by the city along the side road in NYC park and resident area are gingko nut tree..too bad when Fall arrived gingko produce large number of fruit and it's scatter all over the sidewalk . Western people complaint that the gingko nut smell of rancid butter or human feces.I guess they don't know how to appreciated this gem! For us Asian those gingko nut are priceless,right?


3 liter water or more
1/2 pack fried soy bean sheet,about 2 sheet :soluble type
150 gm gingko nut (bai guo),clean and shelled(I bought ready clean nut at chiller section)
2-3 eggs white,beat lightly with fork
rock sugar or regular white sugar to taste
3-4 leave pandan(screwpine leave)

1: Soak bean curd sheet with water for 30 minutes or longer.Prepare medium stockpot with water at high heat.
2:When water rolling boil,add in bean curd sheet and gingko nut.Reduce heat to medium and let it boil for 45 minutes to 1 hour.If more water if needed.
3:Check the gingko nut and bean curd sheet,if it's soft and disintegrated well, add in rock sugar..Let it's cook for another 30 minutes before remove from heat.
4:Serve this desert warm or chill.


lishapisa said...

hi! I would love to have this now, my mom love to make this tong Sui for us growing up . Looks just like mums !

We made the savory version!

Sweet P said...

haha i love this dessert!!! gingko nut is awesome. that's also why us asians have such awesome skin ;P

tigerfish said...

Really? They don't like gingko and said it smell/taste like rancid butter? Oh, I like gingko nut a lot but cannot eat too many. They say might be toxic if consumed too much?

petite nyonya said...

one of my favorite tong sui! been a long time since i had this.

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you for dropping by and your kind words:) I look into your savoury version and it's look so yummy!! maybe one day I will make the savoury version too when I got more gingko nut!

sweet P:
hahaha!! I thought asian eat alot of bird nest that why their skin look smooth and pretty,no? gingko nut too?

too much of gingko nut no good..huh? toxic? you make me re-think again...don't eat too much! coz usually I have to finish the whole pot myself..

petite nyonya:
yea me too..thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made a pot this evening and I'm on my second bowl. Delish! I can't stop eating it. :)


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