Friday, May 7, 2010

Roast Soy Sauce Chicken

When I was clearing my freezer,I found I still have 1 qtr of left over braised-chinatown-soy-sauce-chicken. Since the soy sauce for chicken is still good,I would like to reuse again..Instead of braising soy sauce chicken like before this time I try the roasting method:Roasting soy sauce chicken..To my surprised ,roast soy chicken taste much better than braise chicken,maybe the soy sauce is well season or old enough.

1 qtr braised-chinatown-soy-sauce-chicken
2 cups water
2 cup soy sauce for marinate chicken (it's written on the label,by LKK)
3 pieces star anise
1 cup brown sugar
1 stick cinnamon
2 inch old ginger,bruise and smashed
5-6 cloves garlic,peel and smashed
2 tbsp sea salt
*cook about ingredients*

1 whole chicken,about 4 lbs,clean,remove feathers or epidermis (yellowish outer layer of dead skin ) and set aside.


1:Clean and remove feathers or epidermis from whole chicken (yellowish outer layer of dead skin ),Cut the whole chicken in the center on one side(butterfly cut) and set aside.*as shown in the photo*
2:Marinate whole chicken in cooked soy sauce in a large container overnight.
3:Preheat oven to 375 F.Prepare baking tray with aluminum foil..Place marinated chicken on the tray.
4:Roast chicken for 45 minutes or to 1 hour..Remove cooked chicken from oven and let it rest for 10 minutes before cut and serve warm.


Angie's Recipes said...

The skin looks very crisp. Good that you roast it instead to braise. I guess that's why the skin looks so golden crisp.

Pete said...

I love to marinade chicken with soya sauce. Roasting it taste good!

ICook4Fun said...

mmmm how did you get the skin so nicely brown and cripy. I can't never get that when I roast mine.

ann low said...

Yes the skin looks really crispy, must try your recipe one day.

MaryMoh said...

I love that golden crispy look. Must be very delicious.

Sweet P said...

reminds me of home!!! i cant wait to try this out

Unknown said...

that looks really good!!!

PlumLeaf 李葉 said...

Looks delicious! Well DOne! I think I will have to try this one! I bet the roast chicken juices poured over the rice will be tasty too! Sluuuuurp!

Dave said...

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noobcook said...

must be really flavourful coz you marinated it in the freezer for so long. great idea!

My Asian Kitchen said...

yes,it's taste better roast instead of braise,right? thank you:)

Thank you:)

thank you:)
Gert,I think the marinated soy sauce which was cooked previously do make the skin look brown and crisp.I guess it's the grease from the soy sauce.

thank you:)

Mary Moh:
Thank you:)

thank you,let me know how's it's turn up!

thank you:)

Thank you:)

Thank you for the invitation to join..Yes I do get your email but was busy for last couple of days,so I don't have the chance to reply....would love to join soon!

yes its..thank you:)

Jessica said...

This looks yummy! Is the star anise a must for this recipe? Thanks.

Wendy said...

I bought the ingredients today. I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the recipe.

Wendy said...

I do not have enough marinade. Went to the store to buy another LKK chicken marinade. I did not notice the smaller print of teriyaki on the new packaging. I went back to the store and another store to try to find the old chicken marinade. Can't find any. Perhaps they don't make it any more. I marinated the chicken Will see tomorrow how it turns out.

Wendy said...

The chicken thighs turned out very tasty. I marinated them overnight. Can't detect any teryaki taste. All the meat turned dark from the sauce instead of staying white. Is it because I use thighs which are much smaller pieces than a whole chicken and can absorb the sauce easier?

Anonymous said...

I made it for dinner tonight. It turned out yummy! It was a two-pound chicken and my husband and I ate it up. And this is me trying to cut out meat )))

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