Monday, June 14, 2010

Sambal Tumis( (Sauteed Chili with Shrimp Paste)

Previously I make some sambal tumis somewhere in this blog.Last week the weather at our place was pretty nice and warm so I think it's time for me to use BBQ pit/stove for outdoor cooking or grilling. Actually I'm planning to make a new batch of sambal belachan after winter .The reason why I refused to cook strong flavor spices indoor during winter is because our windows and doors are tight seal .It's not an good idea to cook large batch of pungent spices indoor especially hubby around too.He always said I tried to kill him when cooking this spices because the smell was unbearable to him!! Make him choke and cough! ahaha! Since I love sambal belacan paste, I have to cook this special spices outdoor to prevent the strong pungent smell from staying in door for weeks.But this time I try to add more shallot and belacan(shrimp paste) with other ingredients.To my surprise this batch taste better than the last one.Tasty,spicier and more fragrant!!


1 1/2 lb shallot,peeled(bawang merah kecil)

3 bulbs garlic,peeled (bawang putih)

3 inch fresh tumeric(kunyit)

2 inch galanga(lengkus)

1 lb fresh red chili/pepper(chilli)

2 pack dry red chili,about 300 gm,soaked(chili kering)

1 cup oil( minyak masak)

*blend above ingredients until fine*

1 block belacan(dry shrimp paste) 400 gm

1/2 cup oil

4-5 tbsp seasalt or to taste

1 cup sugar or to taste

2 tbsp tamarind powder


1:Prepare large wok or pan at medium heat.Sliced belacan and fry until loose.Remove belacan to a plate,set aside.
2:Use the same wok,add in 1/2 cup oil with the grounded chili mixture.Use spatula to stir the ingredients in the wok from time to time..
3:Do not burn the chili paste,so keep stirring until the bottom of the wok..Add extra oil if necessary.
4:Stir for 45 minutes or until the oil floated on the top...Add in fried belacan, sugar,tamarind powder and salt.Mix well and stir for another 15 -2o minutes before remove from heat .

Cool completely before store in air tight container.


noobcook said...

hehe I just posted a recipe on sambal belacan. I wish I have an outdoor place like yours. although I don't fry the paste (just need to toast the belacan), kitchen still reeks of belacan afterwards ... Think I'm going to buy a cheap toaster oven just for toasting belacan :P

ann low said...

Yes I also saw the recipe at Noobcook. So now I can have 2 happy ;)
I usually used belacan powder instead and this belacan powder also very aroma.

pigpigscorner said...

How I wish I have an outdoor cooking place too! The whole flat smells of belachan for hours after frying!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

this is my favourite !!

Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) said...

Your pictures always make me so hungry which is why I nominated you for the the Beautiful Blogger award. The information and award are on my page.

ICook4Fun said...

Your sambal is super delicious. My friends tried it and they said there are the best!! Hope you make extra to sell it to me as I wanted to give it to my friend in NY :) :)

My Asian Kitchen said...

I saw your version,it's more healthy!! next time when I get more belacan I'm going to try your mom always make your version when she cook us fried fish and Ju hu char! you going to buy toaster for toasting belacan? wow!! oh no,no !! I can imagine the wonderful smell reek all over the apt..

I bought 2 bottol of belacan powder home wt me from Melaka..I think the Belacan powder doesn't taste as good as the one in block..yes..I'm going to try noobcook recipe soon!

how about your balcony? maybe you can use portable stove or portable bbq pit cooking belacan on your balcony..hope it's help:)

me too ♥ it!

Thank yor for you to award me the beautiful award!! I really appreciated it ♥

Gert,thank you for your compliments:) this batch I purposely didn't add lemongrass and candlenut..I been eating this sambal tumis with fried mee and fried rice..this batch is more suitable for dipping..btw the red pepper is quite cheaper nowaday and I been thinking to make another batch wt lemongrass and candlenut for curry cooking..but for now I run out of belacan..let me get some belacan first and I will give you and your friend when I'm done cooking☺☺

Cheah said...

Love this sambal tumis anytime anywhere, it's very addictive and yours is so salivating!

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