Friday, June 4, 2010

TAKO no SUNOMONO (Tako-Su) Octopus Salad

Tako-su or TAKO no SUNOMONO is an appetizer serve in any Japanese restaurant. Tako-su is a cold plate of sliced, cooked octopus garnished with sticks of pale green cucumber, bathed in ponzu sauce and topped with sesame seeds, sliced scallion and a drizzle of wasabi mayonnaise; the sauce has an engagingly smoky, citrus taste that complements the octopus. Recently I bought a ready cooked sliced cold octopus and decided to make tako-su with it..All I have to do is to mix with some ponzu sauce but I still mix with some sesame oil to enhance the flavor..


1 small tube octopus or 250-300 gm sliced pre-cooked octopus (usually it's come in pre-cooked version)thawed and washed
2-3 tbsp ponzu sauce( you can get ponzu sauce in Asian section in any local market or Asian market)
1 tbsp sesame oil*optional*
1 tbsp roasted sesame seed
1/2 lemon,squeezed the juice
2 tbsp cut scallion
1 tbsp wasabi*optional*


1:Place sliced octopus in a small bowl.Drizzling with ponzu sauce,lemon juice,sesame seed.Then sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds and cut scallion on the top.Serve cold as an appetizer.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

this look mouthwatering!

Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) said...

I have never had tako-su and I definitely never had octopus before. I have had fried calamari, is it the same in texture and taste? Yesterday I ventured and had eel so I am working my out of the food box some. I love your blog. If I can work up the nerve to try octopus and can actually find it in my area, I will give this recipe a try. All of your recipes look so good.

ann low said...

Must make this to beat the heat! Very nice ;)

mycookinghut said...

Looks absolutely delicious!

Sunshine said...

Have never had Tako-Su before...Must try next time..Yours looks yummy...u made this Mishu makan with you or not?:)

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you:)

Thank you:) Hope you like it..yes tako-su have chewy texture but it's tasteless unless you add in some sauce or seasoning..It's like calamari but a different version of calamari,bigger size.Actually it's taste not bad at all if you like chewy food..anyway it;'s hubby has the same problem wt eel...when he heard eel ,he refused to order or eat it..When I make dragon roll or eel roll at home he eat it wt no problem and said it's taste good!!you see,if he dunno what he eat and taste good,then there is no problem at all.So these day he have no problem to know it's eel b4 he eat it! aha!

Beat the heat wt Tako-su? hmmmm...

Thank you:)

Thank you:)you should try it when you visit japanese I didn't let her see it.She eat everything that why I didn't let her see it!

pigpigscorner said...

I've never had this before! Sounds so refreshing and tasty!

Anonymous said...

I love the octopus salad that can be purchased already made at the Asian markets. Would anyone happen to have the recipe for that version? I believe it has seaweed and ginger in it.

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