Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fried Fermented Red Bean Curd (Nam Yee)Ribs Tip with Glutinous Flour

Recently when I was food shopping in Chinatown I saw ribs tip on sale for $1.49 per pound.Of course, it's a good price and I don't have to cut the ribs myself..I really like the chopped ribs tip cube size..Actually I was planning to use it to make soup but since the weather is still hot and humid ,so I scrapped the idea of making soup off..instead I marinated the ribs tip with "nam yee"(fermented red bean curd) and others seasoning before coated with glutinous flour for deep fried.You notice I always used rice flour or glutinous flour as the batter when deep fried ,right? The reason both flour have crisp consistency on the outer layer for hours or even the next day.It's not like regular all purpose flour..If I used all purpose flour,right away after the food cool down,the outer layer coated with batter will turn out soggy and soft..Don't we all like crisp and crunchy texture for our fried food? On top of that I like "nam yee" flavor..it's has distinctive savoury and pungent smell but make no mistake after cooked it's really taste yummy-delicious!!


3-4 lbs ribs tip (pork or beef)

Dry Seasoning:

2 tbsp garlic powder

3 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp salt

2 tbsp ground pepper powder

1/2 tsp five spice powder

4 cubes nam yee (fermented red bean curd)


1 cup glutinous flour

1/4 cup all purpose flour

3 cups canola oil for deep frying


1:Wash and drain ribs tip,set aside. Toss all the dry seasoning together in a bowl,mix well.Use a large bowl toss in seasoning mixture and ribs tip together,mix well until all well coated.Place marinated meat in fridge for 2-3 hours or overnight.
2:Use a large bowl ,mix glutinous flour and AP flour together..Heat fryer or deep skillet with canola oil at medium heat.Coated marinated ribs tip with the flour mixture,shake off the excess flour before place the coated ribs tip in the oil.
3:Fry ribs tip until golden crisp brown.Do not overcrowded or overlap ribs in the skillet..Remove cooked ribs tip to a lined paper towel to absorb the excess oil.
4:Serve warm with rice or as snack.


ann low said...

Never tried to use glutinous flour as batter for deep frying. Must try your method as this looks really delicious.

mycookinghut said...

Looks really good!! I never had this before.!!

ICook4Fun said...

I bought a jar of nam yee but have yet to cook with it yet. I too like to make my fried chicken with glutinous rice flour as the chicken stays crispy for longer period of time.

My Asian Kitchen said...

oh yes glutinous flour as batter is really great for frying..you must try that !! I'm sure you like like it like me!

thank you:) try it yourself,it's really easy to make..

oh yes!! I remember you told me to use glutinous flour if I want the fried food to stay crisp...I always use rice flour but I think both flour is good for frying eventhough it's slightly expensive compare wt APF..oh!! yes next time I can use chicken too to marinate wt nam yee..I bet it's taste great too!!

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