Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Korean Seafood Pancake ( Haemul Pajeon)

When I lived in Queens New York City, I used visit Korean restaurant all the time even in late hour..Mostly all the Korean restaurant in the city open 24/7..Well, I guess this it's the custom of Korean immigrant and other immigrant who come to this land of opportunity to find a better living ,better education for their children and $$$ to work long hours..Like the song I love ,sang by Bruno Mars and Travie Mcoy "Billionaire"."I wanna be a billionaire,so frickin bad.Buy all the things that I never had"..Okay ,back to my pancake post...I was motivate to make this seafood pancake after I watch many many Kdrama..In the Kdrama they keep talking about kimchi pancake but I'm not really fond of kimchi.Well,I not even fond of plain vegetable in pancake as well.I love anything make from seafood..So seafood pancake I make.These days we can get the ready mix flour from any Asian need to crack my head to make the batter,just add 1 portion flour ,1 portion water and my favourite vegetables and seafood.Viola!! A delicious Seafood Pancake will be ready in no time!I understand seafood pancake in Korea called as Haemul Pajeon .For more information about Haemul Pajeon,find it here!!

2 cups of pancake flour ( no seasoning needed)
2 cups water
5 stalks Chinese chives,washed and cut 2 inch each
5 stalks scallion,washed and cut 2 inch each
1 bunch shredded carrot
1 bunch mung bean sprout,clean
2 medium onion,peeled and sliced
5 buttons white mushroom,sliced
or any of your favorite vegetables


4 medium squid,cleaned and cut
10 shrimp,shelled and deviened or
clam,oyster ,crab stick or any of your favorite seafood
4-5 tbsp cooking oil
1:Combine pancake flour and water in a large bowl,beat well until all lump disappear.Add in cut vegetables into the batter,mix well.
2:Toss in squid and shrimp in the batter too,mix well.Heat a large pan with 2 tbsp oil at medium heat.Scoop 1/2 portion of the pancake mixture onto the heated pan..Fry both side until golden crisp brown.(do not fry at high heat)Cut into 4 portion.
3:Remove from pan and serve warm..
(I didn't use and dipping sauce)

ready mix pancake flour
pancake batter
cut vegetables
with shrimp and squid

pan-fry in the pan


MaryMoh said... all time favourite. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner even :D

Pete said...

Nice, I would love to put some chilli sauce on it.....yummy!

mycookinghut said...

Full of ingredients! What else could I ask for more?

Anonymous said...

I was just goingto make this and realized, I am missing about four ingredients. For another time.....

It sounds incredible.

My Asian Kitchen said...

Thank you dear for all your wonderful comment♥

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...this looks so yummy! will try this tommorow :)thank you. and i love the detailed explanation n pics

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