Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mee Suah( Flour Vermicelli ) with Pork in Soup

Mee Suah is a thin, delicate noodle is made from rice flour and is very brittle when it's still in dry form. Mee Suah is a famous meal for Hokkian who celebrate occasions like Birthday,Wedding ,Birth and Lunar New Year..I recalled when I lived back home then,my mom will cook a bowl of mee suah soup for any of us on our Birthday accordingly to the lunar calender ..Instead of getting us a cake ,she will cook for us a big huge bowl of Birthday mee suah soup with meat,egg and vegetables..At that time I wonder where is our Birthday cake? hahaha!! Well,at that time I still didn't know how to appreciated mee suah soup on my Birthday..Instead I wish I had a Birthday cake! I think at that time not much people especially Chinese bought cake to celebrate a child Birthday. But now after growing up years at the other side of the world and getting old(always feel old when it's my Birthday),I miss my mom mee suah soup on my Birthday..Since I still have 2 bundles of loose mee suah in fridge,I might as well cook a bowl of mee suah soup for myself on my Birthday..Nothing extravagant ,just a simple easy minced pork,shitake mushroom ,egg and some vegetable in chicken broth soup..A big bowl of warm mee suah soup is also good for my cold and flu too..


2 bundles of mee suah(Flour Vermicelli)remove the thread before cook in a small pot
4 cup chicken broth/water
2 cube chicken boullion
2 stalk chinese green vegetables,washed and cut
5 button shitake mushroom,soaked and sliced
1 egg
300 gm minced pork +2 tbsp corn four+ 2 tbsp soy sauce
4-5 cloves garlic,peeled and minced
4-5 fish ball cut 1/2
2 tbsp oil
salt and pepper powder to taste
handful cut scallion
some fried red small onion(shallot)


1:Prepare a small pot with water at high heat,when water is rolling boil place mee suah into the water.Slowly use chopstick to move the mee suah to loose and cook for 3 minutes before remove from heat to cold running water..Remove from cold water ,set aside.

2:Prepare a medium stock pot about 3 qtr size.Add in oil and garlic at medium heat,fry garlic until fragant,add in chicken broth or water.Increase heat to high.Add in chicken boullion and when the broth rolling boil ,use small spoon to scoop minced pork mixture into the broth.Repeat until all the pork mixture finish.

3:Add in sliced mushroom,vegetable,fish ball and cooked mee suah.Cook for 1-2 minutes before crack in a egg.Check the seasoning.Remove from heat.

4:Pour the mee suah into a big bowl,sprinkle with scallion and fried shallot before serve warm.


ICook4Fun said...

My mom too will make us Mee Suah for our birthday and she will give us 2 hard boiled eggs with it. I think it is a Hokkien tradition.

ICook4Fun said...

P/s hope you are feeling much better.

Kimberly Peterson said...

Yummy I love mee suah!! Love the "stickiness" of it.. and this looks so comfortingly delicious!

pigpigscorner said...

I like meesuah! Love the texture and so tasty!

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