Sunday, December 5, 2010

Superior Clam Soup (Xiong Tong La La)

I understand xiong tong la-la(superior clam soup)is a popular soup dish served in many Chinese restaurant in Malaysia..The last time when I went back in Malaysia,I was invited to many dinner treats by friends and family.Most of the dinner meal I ate has superior clam soup comes with it....Honestly,I would like to know who and how this soup was created.This person or chef is really a innovation person in Chinese culinary..Well,I remember many moons back then when I was living in Malaysia there is no such soup called (xiong tong la-la)em>..Anyway,I like the soup very much!! I guess I like the touch of spiciness and ginger flavor in the soup not to said I'm a seafood lover.Any clam or seafood is always welcome!! Of course, I can't find the same clam that they used over there ,here in US and A..I try to re-create the clam soup which I like so much but with limited ingredients on hand (bcos fresh anchovies is too expensive just to use as soup base lacks of fresh anchovies) ,so I used cubes anchovies bouillon..that why the soup color are slightly darker instead of clear soup..I understand cooking this soup ,I need Hua Diao cooking wine (花雕酒),it's literally means “flower carving alcohol” but if you don't have hua diao any type of chinese cooking wine will do too.

2 lbs small clam,clean
2 liter water or more
handful fresh anchovies,about 50 gm or (2 cubes anchovies bouillon)
1/4 cup gojiberries or wolfberries(gou qi zi) ,washed
20 birds chili,sliced
2 inch old ginger,peeled and julienne
1/4 cup Hua Diao cooking wine
salt to taste
handful green scallion,sliced

1:Bring water to boil in a medium stock pot at medium heat,add in anchovies,simmer for 20 minutes or longer to get the flavor out of it,then remove anchovies.I added anchovies bouillon bcos no fresh anchovies available at home.
2:Add in gojiberries and ginger,simmer for another 15 minutes.Add in birds chili,hua diao,clam and salt to taste.Increase heat to high,bring soup to boil.Check the seasoning.
3:Remove stock pot from heat.Dish out ,sprinkle with scallion and serve warm.

Hua Diao Jiu (花雕酒) literally means “flower carving alcohol”. It originates from the tradition of carving or painting the wine jar and burying the jar when a daughter is born and subsequently digging it up for her wedding celebration. This gives the wine time to age and improve in flavour. Tradition of burying the wine is no longer practiced but the wine is still often used in wedding celebrations..For more info Click HERE!!


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